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Word of Wisdom to Ghana and Other African Countries


I’m grateful to the Lord because of His grace, faithfulness, mercies, and love towards me. The Holy Spirit always reveals His plans and the enemy’s plan to me through dreams and visions. Sometimes I question some of the dreams and visions the Holy Spirit reveals to me because some of them look strange.

The Holy Spirit has revealed several visions about presidents, ministers of God I have listened to and honoured, countries, and famous personalities to me. Some of the visions were good, while others were dangerous. 

I find it challenging to publish the dangerous ones because the outcome may be terrible. I believe the Holy Spirit reveals His plans, the enemy's plans, and various leaders’ spiritual states to me for some reason.

I have written almost all the visions and dreams the Holy Spirit shows me. The vision I had about Ghana’s election came to pass. I didn't want to publish that vision because I thought it might not come to pass.

I saw the outcome of the court case between the two political parties in Ghana, the NDC, and NPP. I knew who would win the case. Ghanaians must fast and pray consistently because the Holy Spirit has revealed several visions where I saw the military taking over my beloved country Ghana.

We must fast, pray and avert every assassination, war, and confusion within the political and religious sphere. Ghanaians must fast and pray for God to enthrone the next president and parliamentarians because I see war all over Ghana.

I have published similar visions about the state of Ghana and some ministers. There are some visions, too; I have kept them in my diary and notepad. I want those visions to manifest before I take action.

The Illuminati and other secrets organizations have established themselves in Ghana and other African countries. They are working through schools and establishing their institutions. I am writing to you from what the Holy Spirit has revealed to me in dreams and visions.

If Christians fail to fast, pray and preach against these satanic kingdoms and policies, they will create a destructive atmosphere where Christian leaders will live in poverty. This will affect the faith of many Christians and lead many into darkness.

If Ghanaians fail to fast and pray against satanic conspiracies, wars, and ungodly leadership, the enemy’s plans may come to pass in the country. I have been fasting and praying for my country Ghana, some countries, political leaders, and various leadership.

Our president Nana Akuffo Addo needs a lot of prayers. He needs trusting, godly, advanced, and professional security because his spiritual state and defense system is weak. Numerous satanic spiritual sacrifices took place in the 2020 election.

I write from the visions the Lord has shown me. Christians should fast and pray for the leadership of Ghana, Nigeria and neigbouring countries in Africa because some leaders are exchanging the glory of these countries, especially Ghanaian leaders.

Some greedy politicians and influential personalities are working behind the scene to destroy the godly spiritual atmosphere of Ghana. Ghana needs god-fearing leaders and politicians because the hands of God, the mercy of God, the peace of God, and the favour of God are upon Ghana, Nigeria, and some neigbouring countries near Ghana.

I pray that Ghana will not become a vagabond country where leaders will allow any ungodly culture and satanic human rights to destroy her blessings. I see God Almighty holding Ghana in tears. God is seeking dedicated and faithful intercessors, but He cannot find any. 

Everybody is consumed by his personal needs and wants. The devil is using the weapon of pride to break the fire around Ghana. It is time Christian believers rise and lift prayers unto God for mercies because Ghana is on the road to destruction. 

The Lord has revealed to me in dreams and visions some Ghanaian politicians and leaders who have a great heart for the country’s development. I saw the street of Ghana with good roads, lights, facilities, and housing systems in my vision. 

The time is now, Christian believers to lift prayers unto God for His intervention because Ghana is the devil’s target. The devil has formulated destructive policies to destabilize the plans God has for Ghana and the neigbouring countries. 

The enemy will use the corrupt politicians as his weapons. From there, demons will dominate the military. When this happens, the Illuminati, under the disguise of deceptive groups, will use religion, hardship, ungodly politicians, the military, and confusion to destroy the stability and peace of Ghana.

If Christian leaders rise and pray, the devil's plans will fail.  Godly leaders should form an association and connect with the government to enact laws to protect Ghana's unity, peace, and independence. The government of Ghana should not allow strange people to exploit our natural resources because that is our treasure. 

The economy will grow if the Holy Spirit dominates the spiritual atmosphere. Leadership must be faithful, hardworking, and god-fearing. Government should enact laws to protect the future of the generation. Government should create a strong system to check and prevent corruption.

Africa should not allow strangers to enslave them with false promises and deceptive contracts. We must not allow strangers to use their temporal paper money as a medium to exploit our natural resources because we can process our natural resources.

It is time Ghanaians and other African countries come together and build the continent of Africa. We don't need the Illuminati or the satanic bloodlines to build our nation with their destructive policies. Africa is capable of developing its nation. This can happen if leadership and citizens take responsibility and walk in unity.



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