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Divine Principles of Spiritual Warfare (16)


Loved one in Christ Jesus, I believe you are growing in the strength of the Lord. This is lesson sixteen on my teachings on the divine principles of spiritual warfare. Kindly read the previous lessons for more profound revelations.

God always speaks to us in the Spirit through dreams, visions, trance and other channels so, don’t conceive in your heart that God doesn't speak. I have realized in my spiritual life that God always speaks to me through dreams and visions.

Dreams are one of the most familiar ways to discern the activities of the spiritual realm. In the spiritual and dream realm, God opens our spiritual eyes and ears to see and hear His plans and the enemy’s plans (See Job 33:14-22).

The Holy Spirit will never keep something that will benefit you and your loved ones. You can be the wicked person on earth, yet the Holy Spirit will reveal His plans and the enemy's plans to you in the dream world to enable you to repent.

The Holy Spirit reveals His plans and the enemy's plans to us to be vigilant and prayerful. If you ignore the spiritual realm activities and only concentrate on the earth realm activities, you become a slave in this world.

I marvel when I see people fighting hard on the earth to defeat the enemy. Such people fight in vain because the real battle emanates from the spiritual realm. For you to receive victory on the earth realm, you must take responsibility in the spiritual realm.

If you read the book of Genesis in the Holy Scriptures, you will recall that God commanded the tangible things to come into existence from the invisible (spiritual) realm. This means the spiritual realm is trustworthy than the earth realm (Meditate on Hebrews 11:1-3). It is like a man watching himself in the mirror.

The mirror reflects your body. If you are dark, you will look dark in front of the mirror. If you are fair, you will look fair in front of the mirror. That is how the spiritual realm works on the earth.

The real man is our spirit. We are spiritual beings with a soul, and this soul lives in a body (Meditate on Proverbs 20:27, 1 Thessalonians 5:23, Hebrews 4:12). The moment you ignore the essence of the spiritual realm, you become a loser and a prisoner of the enemy.

Until you receive freedom in the spiritual realm, you will never experience freedom on the earth realm. If you don’t dominate the enemy in the spiritual realm, you will be fighting the wind. Some people are suffering from the Munchausen syndrome to the extent that they share most of their private information (pictures, videos, and documents) on the internet (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, WhatsApp, Telegram, blogs and other social media networks).

These people need attention, love and approval from the world so, they will do anything to get a notification. Such people comply with the trends and fashion of this world without considering the word of God.

I have been in this situation before. By God’s grace, I have repented. I have decided to write information that will benefit and improve the lives of others on the internet. If you allow the world's systems to dominate you, you become a slave to the enemy.

Research has made it clear that pornographic sites are the dominant channels to create traffic on the internet. The devil is using these sites to promote fornication and other evil in this world. We have a responsibility to play as Christians. We must promote things that will glorify Christ Jesus and the church.

The internet has done great work globally, and we thank the ICANN and other internet providers for their good works. The issue is that, until we take responsibility in the spiritual realm, we will never come into true freedom.

Some people have also become over spiritual to the extent of ignoring the systems of the world. There must be a balance. You must understand that laws govern the spiritual, soulish, and earthly realm. If you fail to comply with the spiritual, soulish, and earthly laws, you become a loser.

This is one reason I read, pray, evangelize, and write. As I am writing this article to you, I have many things to do. I have sacrificed my energy, resource (time and money) to make this article available because some people will need this vital information in some aspect of their lives.

Some people need the information in this article to advance in life. Without discipline, resources and God’s grace, I will not be able to write and publish this article. As I am writing this article to you, the devil and his minions are opposing me in the spiritual realm.

I believe some people are also receiving attacks from the enemy. Some people think the devil only attacks poor people. That is a fallacy. Job was the richest man in the east of Uz (Southeast of Palestine), yet the devil attacked him, his family and business.

The devil is not a respecter of persons. If you cannot recognize the devil's attack in your life, the devil has recruited you. Anytime I read some acts of serial killers and criminals, I become alert because it is unnatural for a human being to kill another human being!

When I see someone killing an animal to prepare food or when I see someone abusing animals, I become uncomfortable, angry and sad because I love animals, especially cats and dogs. I believe demons are possessing people with schizophrenic and sadistic nature.

I read some books titled, The Book of Serial Killers, In the mind of the criminal, Women Who Kill, Profile of Female Serial killers and some other books. As I read the books, I said to myself, how on earth can human beings be so wicked!

I asked myself; these people didn't have sympathy for the victims they abused and killed. That is the world for you. Most often, people who abuse or destroy others have been abused by others. Such people need the love of the Holy Spirit and true love from humankind.

The way out for these people is to isolate them from the innocent. Such people need deliverance from anointed Christian leaders and counselling from psychologist, psychiatrists and other professionals.

Wickedness happens in every country, so don't paint Africa as the world's most wicked continent. The truth is, the devil’s children and evil spirits are everywhere. Wicked spirits work through human beings, animals and objects to destroy the race of humankind.

It is because of this reason I have decided to write this article to help you dominate the enemy's activities and become stronger in the Lord. In Matthew chapter eighteen verses nineteen to twenty. Christ Jesus gave us some powerful spiritual warfare principle.


…I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.

For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.

Matthew 18:19-20 KJV

Our Saviour and Lord Christ Jesus declared that when we (Christian believers) pray in agreement, the Heavenly Father will answer. When two or more Christian believers pray with faith, the Lord will not delay to answer such prayers because a deal took place.

Maybe you have been praying alone, but there is no feedback. Why don't you find a prayer partner who is born again and pray in agreement? One thing about this prayer is that it works wonders.

I remember I was praying with two brethren in a church building. We were on a three days fasting and prayers. As we prayed in the church, a snake fell from the ceiling of the building. As soon as the snake fell on the church premises, we killed it.

I was surprised and, at the same time, thankful to God for delivering us from the enemy. God delivered us when we prayed in one accord. When two or more Christians pray with one heart, God honours such prayers, and there is no way the devil and his minions can stop it.

When two or more Christians pray in agreement, their faith becomes one. When God sees the faith in the vessels heart, He takes control. When you join with a Christian believer in prayer, you create a partnership in the spirit.

Your anointing and the person’s anointing creates an unstoppable atmosphere in the spiritual realm. This makes it difficult for the devil to destabilize the prayer. If you are married with children, pray as a family, and you will see the power of God.

Suspect (satanic agent) anyone in your jurisdiction who causes distraction and confusion anytime you are about to pray in the family, church, workplace and community. When Herod killed James and proceeded to kill Apostle Peter, the believers applied the key of agreement.

They joined and prayed unto God for intervention. Through their cooperative, intensive and consistent prayer, God sent an angel to set Apostle Peter free from the prison of death (See Acts chapter twelve in the Holy Scriptures).

Apostle Paul and Silas also applied the prayer of agreement, and the Lord intervened (See Acts 16:25-26). Child of God, find a sincere prayer partner as led by the Holy Spirit and pray with the person.

If you are a male, find a male prayer partner. If you are female, find a female prayer partner. If you are more than two, you can mix with any gender. If you are a male and you choose a female prayer partner, you can be tempted to sin.

The same applies to females. Avoid temptation before it leads to sin. If the church has a prayer group, join them in their prayer meetings. Some prayer request demands a certain level of faith. Some demons surrender to a certain level of faith, anointing, and divine power.

It would be best if you had other Christians who have reached the level of faith, anointing, divine power, mantle and spiritual authority to dominate the spiritual realm. Praying alone may break certain chains in the spiritual realm.

If you join with another brother or sister in the Lord, God will break the stronger chains holding your breakthrough. Hannah wept and cried unto God for a child because Peninnah mocked her. Hannah did not receive her request until Eli, the High priest, encountered her.

Hannah received her prayer request when Eli agreed with her in prayer. Sometimes you need a man or woman of God who has received divine clearance, acceptance and spiritual authority to validate your prayer request.

You have fasted and prayed for a long time. It is time to humble yourself and connect with a strong Christian believer in prayer to receive freedom.

To be continued…


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