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My Vision on the Spiritual State of the Muslims and the Mosque


On January 9, 2021, I had a vision, I saw myself heading towards a mosque. When I entered the mosque, I couldn't believe my eyes. I saw many young men, of whom I could discern most of them were northerners (a region in Ghana where most of the neighbors are Muslims). Some were sleeping (on the floor) inside the mosque with no virtue of hope.

I saw women; some were old, men and older men, sleeping inside the mosque and looking at their hopeless state, they had no helper. Inside the mosque, it looked very filthy and gibberish. Some of the young men had big and dirty blankets covering their whole body whiles they slept.

I could discern inside the mosque that it was smelly, so the young men and older women covered their whole body with the dirty blanket. Inside the mosque, I saw gutters with polluted water mixed with rusted materials passing through the mosque.

I could also discern that it had rain inside the mosque and the people and materials inside the mosque looked wet, untidy, and filthy. The whole place looked very filthy. I can compare the interior of the mosque to a public garbage area where people dump their waste.

As I passed through the mosque, I was crying inside my heart for the hopeless Muslims and Imams resting hopelessly inside the dirty mosque. When I got outside the mosque, I decided to call a friend to come and witness what I saw in the mosque.

After contacting my friend, I decided to take him inside the dirty mosque. To my surprise, I saw some children with their parents and some other wealthy Muslims inside the Mosque. Inside the mosque, it looked beautiful. I was shocked because the surrounding has changed.

As I contemplated in the spirit, I realized the Muslims try to show a clean faith outwardly, but most of them are oppressed and hopeless inside the faith. The changes I saw in the mosque were an appeal to join them or see how beautiful their religion is, but deep within the Islamic faith, they were in deep darkness, naked and full of oppression.


Word of wisdom to Muslims and my friends who are in the Islamic faith.

I am not writing this vision to humiliate Muslims. I love Muslims because most of them are sincere about their faith. I have friends who are Muslims; I share my faith with them. My friends, who are also Muslims, also share their faith with me.

I believe God showed me this vision because He wants us (Christians believers) to intercede for our friends in the Islamic faith. My fellow brethren in the Christ Jesus, don't fight or condemn the Muslims, pagans, and people of a different faith because their spiritual state is weak.

Muslims and other religious people need our prayers to help them come out of the deception and oppression of the devil. Remember the Muslims in your country and community in prayers because God wants them to know the true faith (Christianity).

The surrounding which I saw the Muslims is a symbol of spiritual poverty and demonic oppression. The only way out for our Muslim neighbors and other religious people is to love them and pray for them in our secret place.

Testimonies of Muslims who became Christians


  Mario Joseph Testimony (Muslim Imam)

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