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Divine Principles of Spiritual Warfare (2)


Loved one in Christ Jesus, I believe you are growing in the strength of the Lord. God is working behind the scenes so keep the fire of the Holy Spirit burning. Give yourself wholly to the kingdom work because the blessings in the Celestial city is too marvellous to behold.

As we wait for the coming of our Saviour and Lord Christ Jesus, keep your garment clean by walking in the footsteps of Christ Jesus. Many transactions are taking place in the spiritual realm so keep watching and praying.

If Christ Jesus is in the boat, keep calm because no storms can break you. The King of Kings and the Lord of Lords is with you, so be still and know the power of God. The Lord has been revealing some mysterious things to me in the spiritual realm in these last days.

The kingdom of darkness desires power and authority over the children of light. In the field of governmental leadership (politics) in various countries, the Holy Spirit has been revealing strange visions to me.

All Christians must enforce God's will in prayers and declare God's promises to enable God’s angels to take responsibility. There is an intense spiritual battle going in the government of the United States of America (USA).  

I see a wrong leader being enthroned as the leader of the USA in the spiritual realm. God can change the leader if Spirit-filled Christians take responsibility in the secret place. As a child of light, you must not be ignorant of the enemy's devices because the holy scriptures command us to be vigilant (See 1 Peter 5:8-9, Matthew 26:41).

Some Christian believers are watching without praying, and the enemy has taken advantage of them. Others are praying without watching, and the enemy is taking advantage of them. I pray you walk and live in the Spirit and apply wisdom in these last days because you are a target in the kingdom of darkness.

As far as we belong to the kingdom of light, the kingdom of darkness will fight us in the realms of the spirit. If you want to see some of the spiritual realm activities, find some time or days to fast and pray.

You will be surprised that many battles are going on in the spiritual realm. Sometimes I ask myself, do Christian believers understand spiritual warfare? Many Christian believers are ignorant of the enemy's devices because of carnality.

The kingdom of darkness can detect or suspect Christians ignorant of the invisible war in the spiritual realm. If I should write some of the encounters the Holy Spirit reveals to me in the spiritual realm, you will take your Christian life seriously.

In the previous article, I explained that it takes Christians who walk in Christ Jesus's holiness to dismantle the enemy's plans. If you are a carnal or nominal Christian who goes to church to get attention, you are a slice of meat in the enemy’s kingdom.

It takes spiritual fortitude to break the plans of the enemy. You can pray for over three hours and still not get the result if you are ignorant of the divine principles that govern God's kingdom, the enemy's kingdom, the human kingdom, the animal kingdom, and protocols governing spiritual warfare. Some Christians fight foolish fights because they lack the principles of spiritual warfare.

As I am growing in the Lord, I realize that God protects us according to the knowledge we have in Him. God also deals with us based on our level of understanding we have about Him. I will start writing on how God works with His children, how God deals with humankind, and protocols in the court of heaven very soon.

I need your prayers and support because there are some battles I cannot fight alone. I need other brethren to help me conquer center territories in the realms of the spirit. Some ministers of God I trusted are very dangerous in the spiritual realm.

Be careful of who you chose as a spiritual father, mentor, and leader because there are repercussions. Some spiritual fathers are genuine. You need discernment to understand the activities of the spiritual realm. 

If you allow the desires of the flesh (See Galatians 5:19-21), the pleasure and pride of this world, and the lust of the eyes to dominate you, the kingdom of darkness will always take advantage of you and dominate you.

I have realized the kingdom of darkness monitors us strictly in the spiritual realm. The kingdom of darkness has human agents who monitor us in the earth realm. When we make a little mistake, these evil spiritual forces open the door for the kingdom of darkness to attack. Do your best to carry the presence of the Holy Spirit in your life and jurisdiction because the presence of God fights evil spirits that try to hinder you from knowing the ways of Christ Jesus.


The Invisible Powers of Spirit-Filled Worship and Praises in Spiritual Warfare

In this article, I will share with you some strategies I use to combat the evil spiritual forces. You can use these divine principles in spiritual warfare and use it to activate the Holy Spirit's presence in your life.


Invest in Spiritual songs

Spiritual songs are one of the greatest weapons in the spiritual realm. The spiritual host of wickedness in high places, principalities, powers, and rulers of this world's darkness operates with the atmosphere you create. From my experience, I have realized that Satan and his cohorts use the state of our soul, spirit, body, and atmosphere in our environment to attack.

One evening, I decided to rest because I was tired of some of my online projects I was working on my laptop. Most often, I play spiritual songs, the audio version of the holy sculptures, or an anointed Christian message stored on my pen drive on my sound system in my room.

Because I was so tired, I forgot to switch on my sound system that evening. As soon as I laid my head on my pillow and bed to rest, I could feel a strong spiritual attack in my dream. When I waked up from my bed, I realized the kingdom of darkness has heavily astral projected deadly weapons at me in the spiritual realm.

I prayed for a short time and tuned in my sound system. After I tune on my sound system with some anointed music by Don Meon, I could feel a sense of inner peace within my soul and spirit. I felt the Holy Spirit taking control of my environment. I slept with peace in that atmosphere.

Child of God, if you don’t invest in spiritual songs, you will be weak in the spiritual realm. If you are weak in the spiritual realm, the kingdom of darkness will always attack you. I recommend you read this powerful book by Nancy Koech, titled “Snatched from Satan’s Claws” for more mysteries and wisdom keys on how to break the stronghold of the enemy.

I also recommend Iyke Nathan Uzorma booksDaniel Olukoya books, and many other spiritual warfare books the Holy Spirit leads you to buy and read. Spiritual songs have the power to boost our spirit and rekindle our soul to the consciousness of the Holy Spirit. The holy scriptures record.


...thou art holy, O thou that inhabitest the praises of Israel.

Psalm 22:3 KJV

David was going through some trauma and spiritual attack. David knew the Holy Spirit dwells in an atmosphere of praises sang by holy vessels. If the Holy Spirit can reside in the saints' praises, evil spirits can also dwell in an environment dominated by ungodly secular music.

Remember, the evil spirit tormenting Saul left when David took his harp and played. David created an atmosphere for the Holy Spirit, so the evil making Saul’s life hopeless departed, making Saul refreshed. This means anointed spiritual songs can drive evil spirits from our presence (Meditate on 1 Samuel 16:23).

In the Celestial City, some special angels (cherubs) adore the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus. These angels know the power of praises and worship. God becomes joyful when we worship and praise Him from our heart (with an understanding). When God becomes joyful, our spirit becomes strong.

When we worship and praise God with an understanding heart, we provoke the presence of the Holy Spirit to dominate our jurisdiction. Worshipping and praising from our heart brings God’s angels into our environment. When the angels of God dominate our environment, they oppose any powers that oppose the power of God in our life (Meditate on Psalm 34:7).

There are times; you have to dedicate your time to praise and honour God in your secret place. One married woman said to me, her secret to God’s blessings in her life is that she devotes most of her time praising and worshipping God when praying. As I interacted with her, I could discern from her face and heart that she told me her secret to her spiritual blessings (peace and contentment).

Praising and honouring God, from our heart releases God’s archangels to fight for us. Maybe you have been praying and fasting for a breakthrough or deliverance. Can I suggest to you that it is time you apply the weapon of praises and worship?

David said, But thou art holy, O thou that inhabitest the praises of Israel. The Holy One (Holy Spirit) relates to our spirit and soul when we honour the Heavenly Father and the Son (Christ Jesus) through praises and worship. Israel, in the context of the holy scriptures, is a symbol of Christian believers. Every believer in Christ Jesus is a spiritual Israelite.

The moment you begin to worship and adore the holiness of God with an understanding heart, you provoke the jealousy of the Holy Spirit to fight those that desire your downfall. It is a spiritual law you must not ignore. Sometimes when I am praying, I enter a realm when I’m unable to pray; I feel like worshipping and praising God from my heart. Download and read this book for a more profound revelation.

Some demons never submit until you give praise and honour to God from your heart. Some demons trembles when we glorify and worship the name of our living God (Christ Jesus). Have you ever thought about Apostle Paul and Silas's victory in the book of Acts, chapter sixteen verses twenty-five to twenty-six?


And at midnight Paul and Silas prayed, and sang praises unto God: and the prisoners heard them.

And suddenly there was a great earthquake, so that the foundations of the prison were shaken: and immediately all the doors were opened, and every one's bands were loosed.

Acts 16:25-26 KJV

Child of God, it is time to worship and praise the name of the living God (Jesus the Christ). Maybe I should remind you of Judah's priest (Jehoshaphat) with his people against the Moabites, Ammonites, and other enemies. God crushed Judah's enemies because Jehoshaphat obeyed the prophetic order (singers worshipping the beauty of God’s holiness in the season of the battle).

Imagine your country or association is about to face some enemies that carry the modern weapons (missiles, tanks, bombs, snippers, air force, and with the best armies), and you hear the voice of the Holy Spirit telling you to enter the realm of worship and praise.

You may ignore the voice of the Holy Spirit because you know it is illogical to fight these armies (symbols of evil spirits) with worship and praises. After all, they are carrying better weapons (fear, confusion, witchcraft, sorcery, charms, spells, death, and other strange weapons). Sometimes spiritual rules don’t make sense to the natural man or woman because it sounds foolish. It takes faith to worship and praise God.

Some people might think you are weak when you worship God in the church, house, or workplace. Others might think you are a fool when you praise God in your surroundings. Ignore their perception about your faith in the Lord and begin to worship and praise God with an understanding heart.

Maybe I should share one of my testimonies with you to help boost your faith. When I was in the University of Professional Studies, Accra final year, my group members failed to add my name to our final project work. This means I would have to wait for the level 300 students to get to level 400 and start a new project.

On the day of our project work's defense, early in the morning, I praised God from my heart in my rented room and thank God for adding my name and signature to our final project work by faith. I dressed up, went to my group members, and told them we have to see the coordinator in charge of our project work.

When we went to see the coordinator in charge of our project work, I told her of my issue; she told me to write my name and sign the final project work. That was how God helped me escape the trap of the wicked one. I believe the praises and worship I gave to God from my heart created the favour.

Some university students had to wait for another year and start a new project work because their names were not added to the final project work. I believe the praises I gave to God from my heart changed the coordinator's heart, who allowed me to write my name and sign on the final project work.

Child of God, there is power in worship and praises. If you don’t believe in the power of worship and praises, you lose in some aspect of your spiritual life. It takes Spirit-led worship and praises to activate the power, presence, mercy, and anointing of the Holy Spirit.

If you want God to dismantle the kingdom of darkness chains that hold you, your family, leaders, and those who need your prayer, find some time to worship and praise God from your heart in your secret place. If you want the Holy Spirit to fill you more of His gifts and grow more of His fruits in you, find time to worship and praise God from your heart.

It may not make sense to a natural man or woman, but in the Spirit, you are breaking the walls of Jericho. In the spirit, God will give you a staff or a rod, and this staff or rod is a sign of spiritual authority. In the spirit, you will receive a unique key that will uplift you to the ranks of mystery holders.

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