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What happens in the Realms of the Spirit When We Worship God from Our heart?

Loved one in Christ Jesus, I believe you are growing in the strength of the Lord. I want to share some divine revelations the Holy Spirit revealed to me

NOTE: This is my personal experience with the Holy Spirit in the Spiritual realm. Your experience might be the same or different from mine because of the level of our relationship with the Holy Spirit, spiritual maturity, anointing, spiritual gifts, mantle, and divine assignment.

This is a personal revelation I received from the Lord while I was in the mood of worship. It is an open vision; I wrote as inspired by the Holy Spirit while worshiping God from my heart in my room.

I have realized about God that, when I humble myself and depend on His righteousness, He reveals part of Himself to me. When I worship and pray sincerely from my heart, I receive divine feedback.

The moment I begin to depend on my righteousness, sanctification, and holiness, the Holy Spirit becomes jealous of me, and temporally lives me to the attack of the enemy. God allows the enemy to attack me for some time because He wants me to depend on Him.

One thing I do in my spiritual life is to worship God from my heart, fast, and pray when my spiritual strength begins to drain. When you are growing in the Lord, the Holy Spirit begins to give you some burden.

For example, you will feel like fasting and praying every day. Other times you will have a desire to feed on the Word (Holy Bible). It has become part of my life. I don’t often sleep, especially in the midnight hour. The Holy Spirit always wakes me up to either pray, worship, read, or write.

You must know about the Holy Spirit that if you want the holy angels to minister a sacred song to you in the Spirit, worship God in the middle of the night, especially between 3:00 am, and 5:00 am.

The holy angels have ministered several sacred songs to me in the spiritual realm after I worshipped and praised Him in this hour. If you want God to assign special angels to you, fast and pray.

In the realms of the Spirit, there is no time. Something we can use 1,000 years to do on the earth realm, in the realms of the Spirit, the spiritual forces can use a microsecond to perform it. The only measurement (speed) I can compare with on earth is the speed of thoughts, the speed of light, or the fastest bullet in a sniper's rate.

From my experience in the Spiritual realm concerning angelic beings, both holy and unholy, the ones I encountered in the Spirit don’t walk; they run. Anytime you feel fearful in your environment, it means there is an evil spirit about to attack you or a holy angel whose holiness surpasses your holiness.

If you are fearful in your heart or environment for no reason, it means your spirit or soul is in danger or someone connected to you is in danger. Pray in the Spirit or enter the courts of Heaven through worship and praises and make declarations using God's promises.

In Spirit, I often see myself flying like an eagle overseeing the activities of countries, cities, and towns.


What happens in the realms of the Spirit when we worship God from our heart?

From my personal experience in the Spiritual realm.

A great stream of a river opens in heaven's gates and begins to flow to our jurisdiction. The river sanctifies our jurisdiction and breaks anything that limits us from connecting with God. 

At this point, evil spirits will manifest as birds to monitor us from a distance. When you fall prey to Satan and his minion’s devices whiles worshipping, the demons put stumbling blocks on your path to God. This will cut your spirit from the stream of the Holy Spirit.

In the mood of Spirit-filled worship, the evil powers in your house (family) will be disturbed, and their plans against you will turn into foolishness.

The angels of God begin to break the chains of death and set those connected to you free because you worshipped God from your heart.

In the Spirit, the Holy Spirit moves with unstoppable jealousy to fight them that hate your course and become enemy to those that hate you without reason.

In the Spirit, the Heavenly Father turns into a lion, whiles the son turns into a lamb ready to defend you. The holy angels of God gather as an army at the prison gate of the dark kingdom and war against them without mercy.

In the Spirit, the kingdom of darkness shakes and becomes confused because they will not understand what is going in your life. Some wicked demons will try to attack you while you are in the mood of worship by projecting destructive arrows to disconnect you. 

If you switch off whiles worshipping, the dark kingdom becomes stable for some seconds and begins to investigate the course of the confusion. The demons will find out it is you, the worshipper, that caused the confusion

At this point, the kingdom of darkness will put a unique tag on you by sending the marine spirits to lure you into sexual sin and lustful activities. If your spiritual armour is intact, the evil spirits will not be able to attack you. In the Spirit, the demons will use those close to you to break your spiritual armour whiles worshipping.

If the demons are unable to break you through your loved ones and those connected to you, they will use the things you love and hate most in your life to break your spiritual armour.

Remember these activities will be happening in the spiritual realm whiles you are worshipping God from your heart. In the Spiritual realm, when your tears come out of your eyes while worshipping God, it becomes a seed the holy angels will use to beautify your mansion in the Celestial City. 

If you fall to the ground and cries profusely in the mood of worship, the holiness of the Trinity becomes ten thousand times brighter than the sun in the Celestial City.

When this happens, some special angels put a unique garment on you and put a seal that looks like the colour red. This seal calls special angels of war to protect you in the spiritual realm. Anyone that tries to oppose you receives a quick attack in the Spirit because of the seal on your garment.

If you are worshipping God just for fun, recognition, or for performance sake, the holy angels of God stand there watching you in amazement. They talk to themselves, what is this person doing, does he understand our King (Christ Jesus)?

In the Spirit, minions of the devil will be watching you with wrath and at the same time with laughter (mockery) because they know your worship is not making any impact.

Some demons will rush towards you with anger to attack you in the Spirit, but a white line will stop these demons from attacking you.

I asked the Lord why the demons couldn't harm the performing worshipper; then the Heavenly Father immediately responded to me, saying the lamb's blood is speaking for the worshipper.

In the Spirit, an army (archangels of God) surrounds the true worshippers following the worshipper's performance. Those worshipping from their heart receives a divine covering from the curses of the devil. Those worshipping with hypocrisy received curses from demons.

In the Spirit, the Holy Spirit will prompt the performing worshipper to stop faking the worship because some true worshippers and saints are among the congregation.

In the Spirit, if the worshipper is Spirit-filled or sensitive to the Holy Spirit, he will repent and switch to the Spirit. As soon the performing worshipper switches to true worship, the atmosphere begins to change because, at this hour, the Holy Spirit will turn into flames of fire to charge the place with God's power and presence.

The yokes and burdens of the people begin to break as the angels of war enter the worshippers' families and those connected to the worshipper, free from demonic captivity. The stronger the worship, the mightier the anointing rains on the archangels to fight stronger and wicked demons.

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