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The Philosophy of Life





1. The beginning began from God, who existed before time, matter, and energy.

2. God created the spiritual world (Heavens and Underworlds).

3. God created spiritual beings (angelic beings) to live in the spiritual world.


4. God created the physical world (earth).


5. God created human beings and other creations apart from spiritual beings to live on earth.


6. Some of the spiritual beings God created rebelled against God's command and became God’s enemy.

7. Human beings rebelled against God by disobeying His Word when they obeyed the word of the rebellious spiritual force(s).


8. Humankind becomes independent of God after the rebellion.

9. Humankind reproduces their kind through sexual intercourse (Between a man and a woman).


10. The rebellious spiritual forces control the system of the world through human beings after the rebellion.


11. Other creation (animals) of God becomes rebellious because of humankind's disobedience towards God Word.


12. God divided Himself and became a human being (Jesus Christ) to set humankind free from the control of rebellious spiritual forces. (Jesus Christ dying on the Cross for humankind's sin and rose on the third day for their justification to enable humanity to reconcile to God).


13. God unites human beings (followers of Christ Jesus) who accept His sacrifice on Calvary.

14. Some creation of God (humankind) rejects God’s sacrifice becomes God’s enemy.


15. The unrepentant human beings become enemies to God’s children (followers of Jesus Christ).


16. The unrepentant human beings become friends to the rebellious spiritual forces.

17. The unrepentant and rebellious human beings set up their religion and faith.

18. Life Continues.


19. A man marries a woman.


20. The husband and wife reproduce their kind through sexual intercourse.


21. Parents train their children based on their religion and faith.


22.  The Child grows up to be an adult.


23. The child also marries.

24. Life continues.

25.  The man wakes up from bed in the morning.


26.  The man brushed his teeth in the morning.


27. The man visits the lavatory in the morning.


28. The man takes his bath in the morning.

29. The man dresses up and takes his breakfast. 

30. The man goes to work.

31. Either the man chooses to be in the religious group.

32. Either the man chooses to be in the political group.


33. Either the man chooses to be in a professional group.


34. Either the man chooses to be in the Satanic group.


35. The wife prepares food for the family before the husband returns from work.


36. After work, the man socializes with some friends and returns home to meet his wife and children.


37. The man takes his supper.


38. The man watches some movies with his wife and children in the house.


39. The man visits the lavatory in the evening.


40. The man brushes his teeth in the evening.


41. The man takes his bath in the evening.


42. The man sleeps with his wife in the evening.


43. The children also have their sleep in their room.


44. Life continues in that circle, and the man dies.


45. The family and Pastors meet at the funeral of the man.


46. They bury the body of the man in the cemetery.

47. The spirit of the man returns to God after death.


48.  The man's soul stands before God for judgment or rewards based on His life lived on earth after death.


49. Life continues for the widow and her children.

50.  Jesus Christ descends with His angels to capture His children on earth and those that died in His name into Heaven for a season.


51. The rebellious angels take over the earth for a season after Jesus Christ takes His children from the earth.


52. Jesus Christ finally wipe the rebellious angels and human beings that followed the rebellious spiritual beings.


53. Jesus Christ sends the rebellious angels and disobedient human beings to their eternal resting doom.


54. Jesus Christ recreates the earth and makes all things perfect for His children and the obedient spiritual beings to live in forever and ever.

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