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/ / The Position of Wrestling and Resting (Series 1)

The Position of Wrestling and Resting (Series 1)


I want you to be sensitive to this teaching, because the mystery that will be unfolded from this teaching will come out with some power to bring an immediate solution to the problem of many life. Because the secret of dominion over the works of darkness is when you encounter teaching with the capacity to unfold the activities of darkness.

For those who have chosen to be followers of Time to Eat, teaching will understand that the grace working with this Calling is the manifestation of the Spirit of wisdom and revelation. Not wisdom alone and not revelation alone.

Because if you don't understand this about this ministry, you may think maybe we are not stable in some of the dimensions you find us expressing. Because today you may see us manifesting pure wisdom and be speaking like Myles Munroe, and tomorrow you may see us manifesting pure revelation and be speaking like John Hagin or Daddy D.k Olukoya.

You may want to get confused with these two dimensions and be asking that "is this not the same Pastor Banjo that wrote the e-book titled Battle of the Kingdom Ambassadors also wrote Kingdom Way of Thinking?

Yes, I am the one, The Battle of the Kingdom Ambassador, The Battle of The Immortal, The Gate of Immortality, Come up Hither, and some are a pure manifestation of revelation, while the Kingdom Way of Thinking, The Pathway to Glory, The Pathway to the Anointing, The Lockdown of Mount Zion, are a pure manifestation of wisdom.

The Currency of the Supernatural, The Value of Wisdom and Revelation, Understanding Teaching, and Prophetic Grace, is a pure manifestation of Wisdom and revelational mixed together.

Not many people are used to deep revelational message; in most cases, if I am talking wisdom, I hardly receive criticism, people get to understand my teaching with all sense of joy, but once I entered the realm of revelation and begin to talk mystery, not everyone has the capability to understand and accept it, some will be silent with their reservation, but do not agree, while some will come openly to condemn the teaching.

That is why I always like to talk wisdom than revelation, but in most cases, the spirit usually pushes me to talk revelation than wisdom. But because I usually get scared at criticism of man, I always love to talk wisdom; it took me years to build the capacity not to get worried and burdened over the criticism of man anymore.

Because only a few people have the mature capacity to see what they think to be heresy based on their spiritual perspective and be silent about it. Because we are dealing with the world of people full of different opinions, so never expect everyone to reason alongside with your scope of spiritual understanding capacity.

Now, to the point, there is a position of teaching manifesting the spirit of wisdom, while there is a position of teaching manifesting the spirit of revelation. When talking wisdom at times, it causes you to enter your rest from warfare, while when talking revelation, it causes you to enter your realm of wrestling.

That is why if you have a balanced understanding of the Christian race, you will know that there is a time for resting, and there is a time of wrestling also.

That is why if you have an open mind and have a large heart, you will know that both the grace of Myles Munroe, Daddy Sam Adeyemi (wisdom), and the grace of Daddy D.K Olukoya, John Hagin (Revelation) has its own role in the body of Christ.

They are both pillars holding different structures in the building of the church of Christ. Because for Daddy Myles Munroe (of blessed memory), Daddy Sam Adeyemi, and some few other people, it is pure wisdom exposing the activities of God, while for John Terry, John Hagin, Daddy Olukoya, it is pure revelation exposing the activity of darkness.

But coming to me, I am privileged by grace to operate with both the spirit of wisdom and revelation in a measure. Because you can be a man of wisdom without being a man of revelation, and you can be a man of revelation without being a man of wisdom.

But if you stand with one leg, I must confess you may not understand the balance of the gospel. It takes a man with a spirit of wisdom and revelation to strike a deep balance of teaching ministry and warfare ministry.

That is why at times, if you see me ministering live in a program, you may think I am a CAC  pastor who doesn't have the knowledge of the finished works of Christ seeing me going deep in warfare prayer and exposing the mystery of darkness and I must confess, there is an environment that what you need to conquer those areas is not teaching grace, it is warfare praying grace.

I have once pastored in a community somewhere in Ekiti State where God asked me to drop my teaching grace and put on the prophetic garment with serious warfare prayer, and through the manifestation of that dimension, many lives in bondage got freedom by God's grace. Many who are following my teaching now, who experienced these dimensions of me, they can testify to what I am saying.

Because of every church, they have different grace that can flow in it. If you act contrary to the dimensional grace working with a church, you may begin to see yourself struggle in ministration.

If the angel working with a church are Angels from the throne of Angel Micheal known as warfare ministering spirit, and you now get to such church and be claiming you want to teach rhema, your ministration will be cool like a cool freezer with your heavy teaching grace.

Not that you are not loaded, but you are not sensitive to know the right weapon for the current battle. The word of God, which is the sword of the Spirit is not the only weapon of war; the word of God is only identified as a sword of the spirit, prayer can be a battle axe of the spirit, worship can also be identified as an atomic weapon of war.

So, it depends on the weapon you are used to. To Mountain of Fire, warfare prayer is more effective in their hand as weapons of war than swords of the spirit known as the word of God, while to Living Faith, the sword of the Spirit known as the weapon of war is more effective in their hand than warfare prayers.

Now I ask you, which weapon of war are you used to? So learn to understand the angel working with every denomination. Everyone cannot be like you. To you, it may be dying by knowledge to some; it is dying by fire

You can't bring the spirit of Daddy Sam Adeyemi to come and minister in CAC; you are contradicting the angel working with the ministry. The angel operating with a teaching church is different from the angel operating with a warfare church.

Because you can't be a man of revelation or prophetic without been a man of warfare prayer. The devil will attack you big time because revelational grace has many things to do with exposing the mystery of the kingdom of darkness and deep mystery of the supernatural realm and how that realm control and influence this natural realm over the environment and the life of many. And once you are becoming useful in those dimensions, your anointing will begin to attract demons.

And if you are not a man of fasting and prayer at times, you can't function much in the realm of revelation. Someone with wisdom can be telling you that the only demon you need to fight is the demon of ignorance; yes, he is right based on all that his spiritual intelligence can capture.

But for us who are privileged to journey into the spiritual and supernatural realm, we know that there is a place of warfare in the reality of this life; we know there is more to the demon of ignorance.

There are people; the solution to their problem is not in knowing a kingdom principle birthed by God's wisdom. What they need is a prophecy; they need a declaration of power that will serve as a force to catapult them into destiny; they need to war.

Mind you; there are some people that all they need is knowledge, or divine idea on what to do or step to take by the teaching of Daddy Sam Adeyemi. While some, they will need to step their foot on Mountain of Fire to attack the attacker and arrest the arrester before they can get a solution to your problem.

Mind you, a born-again Christian cannot be possessed, but a born-again Christian can be hindered. A born-again Christian cannot be bound again, but a born-again Christian can be blocked again.

Bondage is different from blockages. So, our warfare is not against deliverance but against hindrance. Our warfare is not against bondage but against blockage. For someone in bondage needs to be loosed, while for someone experiencing blockage needs a breakthrough.

So, you may not need freedom as a believer, but we all need to break through in one way or the other of our life. Paul said, many doors are opened to me, but there are many adversaries (1 Corinthians 16:9). Not that the door was locked, Christ has set before him an open door, truly no devil can close the door, but Paul said many adversaries are blocking his way to enter through the door.

That is why the prayer of warfare for breakthrough is still relevant in the body of Christ.

That your experience does not capture that reality does not mean such experience is wrong.

That is the error of imbalance that many have developed in the body of Christ.

That you are problem-free does not mean it is your doing, there are many people that their parents have fought many battles for them, so seeing everything going smoothly, they think it is by their understanding of the finished work of Christ.

So, for those, it may concern, follow me in this series... Because there is a time to rest and there is a time to wrestle. If you know something is wrong somewhere, you can dedicate this week for fasting and prayer and just be prayerfully follow this series in the spirit.

Many mysteries will unfold the next article

And I know in my spirit that many yokes are going to be broken this week because of the anointing.

Written  By: Banjo Ayeka

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Edited by Henry Corparations

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