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Luke 6:12 And it came to pass in those days, that he went out into a mountain to pray, and CONTINUED ALL NIGHT IN PRAYER TO GOD.

Jesus Christ showed us the way to the Heavenly Father. He created a path for us to follow because He is our Lord and Saviour. Jesus Christ is not only our Saviour, but He is also our Lord. Most Christians do not have reverential fear for God because they only see Christ Jesus as their Saviour. Get my book titled “The Mysteries of Fear” for a more profound revelation. Most Christians reject the Lordship of Christ Jesus over their lives because of ignorance. Get my books titled;

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This is one of the reasons the devil chains most Christians in his prison.
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The Word of God states that Christ Jesus went out into the mountain and “CONTINUED ALL NIGHT” in prayer to His Heavenly Father. If Jesus Christ fellowshipped with His Heavenly Father all night, who are we to disengage with God? Get my books titled “The Seven Secret Keys of Prayer” and “The Power of Tongues” for more revelation.

Most Christians treat the Holy Spirit as rags. They only approach the Holy Spirit when they are in need. When I was in University, most students only prayed during the examination season. They only remembered God during the examination. This is how some Christians are. They only turn to God when they face challenges. They only know God as a solution to their problems.

God is not a rag; He is a person who deserves reverence and attention. Christ Jesus spent the whole night with His Heavenly Father because He loved to fellowship. Jesus Christ did not leave us alone. He gave us the Holy Spirit to fellowship with. We must understand that the Holy Spirit is the third person of the Godhead. Connect with my teachings on my YouTube channel “The Mysteries of the Trinity.” I have dug deeper into the Trinity.

There are some Christians I lead in prayer meetings. Most of these Christians do not come on time. These Christians do not understand the personality of the Holy Spirit because of ignorance. Most Christians attend church service late because of ignorance. I labour in prayers and book writing in the middle of the night because it is my responsibility. 

Some people value their work more than the work of God. Most parents can sacrifice their life for their children’s job and wellbeing and ignore the things of God. Most parents will never allow their children to serve the Lord because of ignorance. Some parents will prefer their children to work in dangerous cities and communities than to let them become Christian missionaries.

So much hypocrisy in the Church. If the Muslims and other religious bodies will sacrifice their lives for their god, why should we take a risk before we serve God? Today, the northern part of Africa is full of Muslims, because Christians do not want to dedicate their time for God. The Muslims are planting mosques in the remote areas of our countries and we are happy in the cities.

We need dedicated intercessors, funds and anointed evangelist to help expand the Church in these areas. We need faith to serve God because it takes faith to connect with God. Get my books titled “A Soul is a Soul” and “How to Unlock the Gates of Faith” for a more profound revelation.

Most Christians meet their employers before the appointed time of the interview because they fear they will lose the job. It looks as if we value the things of the world more than the things of God. I believe this is one of the reasons God delays in answering the prayers of Christians because they don’t have time for Him.

  • Most Christians only attend prayer meetings when they are in trouble.
  • Most Christians only remember God when they need a job.
  • Most Christians only attend church service when they are full of themselves.
  • Most Christians only use their leisure time to help organize church activities.

I remember I spoke to a lady at Koforidua Technical University on soul winning. I planned moving into secondary, technical, vocational and tertiary schools to win souls for Jesus Christ.

When I met this young lady and told her to join my team in the evangelism, she said, she will join me on Sundays because that is when she will be free. We must understand that God is not a pair of shoes, we can wear when we need shoes. God will work with us if we open our hearts. The Word of God states that where two or more has met in the name of our Lord Jesus, He is there in their presence.

Matthew 18:20 For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.

We must respect the Holy Spirit because He respects time. We must reverence the Holy Spirit because He is a divine Person. We must fellowship with the Holy Spirit through prayers, spiritual songs, and Word meditation because Christ Jesus showed us the way.

Divine Key: See the Holy Spirit as a divine Person who carries a Presence.

Get my book "The Fourteen Divine Principles of Connecting with the Seed of God" for a more profound revelation.

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