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Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.

In this article, I will share with you how ignorance destroys the church. The church has three sectors which comprise the inner kingdom, heavenly kingdom and the outer kingdom. The inner kingdom rests in the heart of the Christian. This is where the Holy Spirit lives. In this kingdom, invisible sins such as jealousy, pride, demonic anger, strife, malice, unforgiveness, prayerlessness and other unseen sins feature itself. This kingdom is difficult to detect because the Holy Spirit is the best Person to convict us when we break God’s Word.

The inner kingdom deals with our sanctification of heart and mind. This is the place of in-depth search and analysis. No man can discern this kingdom except the one with the spirit of discernment. The Word of God is the only tool that judges the actions of this kingdom because the Word is a two-edged sword. Some animals can detect the heart of this kingdom because they have the eyes and the heart to see.

The heavenly kingdom is the abode of the divine angels, the saints, and the Trinity. God is omnipresent. He can be in different places at the same time. Heaven is the celestial kingdom. It is an invisible world. It takes the eyes of our spirit to see this kingdom. 

God created this kingdom for our spirit because it is a world of spiritual beings. Archangel Michael and his angels drove Satan and his minions from this kingdom when they rebelled. By the grace of God, I had a glimpse picture of Heaven. The Lord opened my spiritual eyes, and I saw God and the saints watching me. They were watching me as if they were watching a movie. When I saw this scene, the Holy Spirit told me that the saints see whatever goes on, on this earth.

The outer kingdom comprises our church structures. The temples we build for the Lord and for missionaries in remote communities. Most people who live in the wealthiest part of the world do not understand the experience and the suffering of the poor missionaries in the villages. Some people love to work for God and the church, but there are no church buildings to enable them to have fellowship. This is one of the reasons I want to raise funds to support missionaries in poor villages.

I have travelled with several Christians to some villages. We go to these places to preach the gospel to them because they also need the gospel. Most often, the people in these places are sociable and spirit gifted, but there is no resource to help bring them out of their struggles. Meanwhile, there are wealthy Christians who always think about their business and family life. We need people who are ready to support missionaries because missionaries are life savers. Some ministers die on their journey.

It is a great thing to support the ministry of God, especially missionaries. Why should we settle only in the vibrant part of the world and forget the poor Christians in the villages and in remote areas? I remembered in 2010; I went with a group of Christians to evangelise. I was in the Senior High School. I had a great passion for evangelising and the people around me were more zealous in the Christian faith.

After the evangelism, we enjoy living with the people in the village because the people welcomed us with great joy. They were ready to serve the Lord, but we did not have the resource to help them. The only church building we saw was an old rugged building. We investigated and found that the pastor was an old man who enjoys drinking alcohol, so most people were not interested in the church.

In secondary school, I was the financial secretary for the National Union of Presbyterian Student Ghana (NUPS-G). Occasionally we went to villages to preach the Word. People with great spiritual gift were limited because they were no dedicated pastors to build them up in the Lord. The church building in these places looks broken and dead. We need people who can support missionaries because it takes money to travel to such areas. It takes money to build churches in such places.

If churches are built in the villages, Christianity will grow. Other religious organisations are secretly growing without our knowledge because they support the vision of their religion. Christianity must grow. We need consistent intercession and financial supporters to help bridge those in the villages to connect with the power of God. We cannot keep silent and expect God to work for us. Failure to exercise the knowledge God has given us will limit us from advancing in our Christian life.

Today, the devil is using Christians to fight other Christians. I am not shocked; it was the religious people who condemned Jesus Christ. The same people you believe they will encourage and support you will be the same people to hail curses and insult at you. You better shut your mouth because you will be the first person to crucify Jesus Christ if He came in our generation.

Look at how you criticise and oppose Christian leaders for their mistakes. Ignorance is limiting Christians from advancing to the next level. People insult, gossip, accuse, curse and destroy other Christians without thinking of the consequences. This is one of the reasons most Christians are not experiencing the blessings of God.

I remember I met a young Christian lady. The moment I saw this lady, the Lord opened my spiritual eyes, and I saw her future. She later confirmed to me she does the same thing in the church. This lady had been sleeping with different guys. She complains God does not want to bless her. This lady thought God was against her, but it was her own fornication lifestyle that was limiting and prolonging her blessings. Most Christians are living in sin. They expect God to bless them in their wickedness.
  • How can you expect God to bless you in your wickedness?
  • How can you expect God to bless you if you are blocking someone else’s blessings?
  • How can you expect God to bless you when you are always complaining?
  • How can you expect God to bless you when you are speaking evil about others?
  • How can you expect God to bless you when you are not acting on His Word?
  • How do you expect God to bless you when you are not prayerful?
  • How can you expect God to fight for you when you are not enforcing His Word?
  • How can you expect God to bless you when you are holding unforgiveness in your heart?
  • How can you expect God to bless you when you hate the Word?
  • How can you expect God to bless you when you don’t bless others?

God rejects and opposes people who do not act on His Word. God rejects those who refuse to study His principles. God does not perform outside the Word because the Word is His creator.

Divine Key: The knowledge of God is hidden in the Word.

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