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Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.

A country with the most significant natural resources can perish if the leadership doesn’t know how to manage the funds. Corruptions will feature itself within an organisation if there is no proper system developed to monitor the process. The growth of the church will never prevail until the leadership follows the directions and the strategy of the Holy Spirit and the vision of the church.

Wherever there is a problem, there is a solution. It takes people with knowledge, experience and boldness to break old barriers. Until we find the root cause, we can never give the solution. Every problem in this world has its origin. For example, mosquitos are insects that cause malaria. They have manufactured medicines to help cure malaria. The producers of malaria drugs will continue to enjoy profit until we find the root cause.

We know mosquitoes cause malaria. Behind the mosquitoes, other factors cause malaria. Unhygienic environments breed mosquitoes. Until we keep the environment clean, the mosquitoes will never cease to appear. Mosquitoes net help prevent malaria. I believe prevention is far higher than the cure. We spend a massive sum of money importing malaria drugs and still perish because we have not solved the root cause of malaria.

Mosquitoes will never appear if we keep our environment clean because mosquitoes emanate from unhygienic (stagnant waters, clogged gutters, waste) environments. So, we can see from the word of God that a country can perish because it lacks knowledge. A church can perish because it lacks knowledge. The leadership can perish because it lacks knowledge. In some European countries, they have laid down systems that check corruption, so it may be impossible to steal the country’s wealth. This is not because the leadership is holy. No! It is because the system they use that prevents them from corrupting the system.

Lions, tigers and other wild animals in the Zoo are harmless because of the cage they find themselves. The lions and the Tigers in the Zoo are wild, but the cages prevent them from attacking people. This is how the system works. They design the Cages to limit the wild animals from killing. If you uncage the same animals in the Zoo, people may die because there is no system designed to restrict them from attacking. That is how some European countries work.

Some leaders have their Masters and PhD, yet they cannot apply the knowledge they have acquired. The leadership is not strong enough to check the loopholes within the system. We must find the root cause of our problems because the root cause will help us identify the recommended solution. Africa is not an impoverished continent because we have knowledgeable leaders and significant natural resources. We can develop our nation if we set up proper systems to monitor the process.

Definitely, loopholes will feature itself because there are bad people who persistently work to break the system. This is the reason we have to update our policy and system with the current methods to help upgrade the economy. The corruption level in some European countries is low because the leaders are dedicated to developing the country.

The government of every nation rests upon the shoulders of Christians, and it is our mandate as Christians to intercede for the leadership (See Isaiah 9:6, 1 Timothy 2:1-3). We need people who fear God and people who can drive people to work. We need loyal leaders who are dedicated to drive people to work. African countries need strong leaders with selfless interests who can drive the country forward irrespective of the party the person belongs to. The country’s development is not about “Party A” or “Party B.” It is about the development of the nation we are seeking after.

If there is peace in the country, the church will grow. If there is a conflict in the country, how can the church and the whole state advance to the next level? Check the history of Liberia, Libya, Rwanda and other countries. They allowed the political leaders to destroy the growth of the nation and the church. If there is war in the country, church activities will be impossible to take place. This is one of the reasons we (Christians) have to intercede for the leadership.
  • God will always reject a country that refuses to apply knowledge.
  • God will reject a community that refuses to apply knowledge.
  • God will reject the church that refuses to apply knowledge.
  • God rejects people who refuse to apply knowledge.

The continent of Africa needs selfless, visionary, Godfearing, knowledgeable, loyal, dedicated, and strong leaders who will drive the people to work. We must develop proper systems to help monitor corruption. We update antiviruses every week to help break new viruses developed. The system must be upgraded occasionally to help check our systems. We (Christians) will do our part by interceding for the leadership.

We must eliminate corrupt leaders at all costs because their presence will affect the upcoming leaders. It is never too late for African countries to catch up with well-developed countries. If some countries have made it, why can’t we make it? I want no ignorant religious person to criticise me because, without peace, development and unity in the nation, and in the church cannot climb higher. God works through men, and we cannot expect God to do things we can do.

God has given us the mind (brain) to study and decide for ourselves. Some things need God’s intervention, and this is when we have to call on Him for help. We cannot allow some politicians to limit us in the gospel. All the power belongs to Jesus Christ, and Jesus Christ has delegated His power to us (See Luke 10:19). Failure to exercise this power denies God’s help in our lives. This is the introduction section of this article. I believe this little information will help our leaders because God rejects people (country, community, and people) who do not apply the knowledge they have acquired.

Divine Key: Christian leaders must come together and intercede for the nation.

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