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inferiority complex is one the deadliest disease affecting the  growth and productivity of others. the spirit of inferiority breeds the spirit of poverty and the spirit of fear. how do break and demolish the spirit of inferiority, poverty and fear. how to activate the spirit of prosperity and courage.2 Timothy 1:7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

Most people look down upon themselves because of their country, educational level, their culture and the fear of the crowd. Inferiority is one of the deadliest weapons the enemy uses against people. Inferiority begins from the mind. Inferiority means lack of self-confidence. The inability to value yourself. This evil disease limits your creativity and productivity in life.

When you always look down upon yourself, the society will also look down upon you. When Moses sent spies to the land of Canaan, some spies gave a bad report to Moses. Some spies belittled themselves as insects, but Joshua and Caleb did not allow the spirit of inferiority to dominate them. They operated in the mindset of God.

Child of God, the community will value you according to the value you place on yourself. If you believe you are nobody, everyone will see you like nobody. In the animal kingdom, the lion is not the biggest, but it is the king of the jungle. The elephants and other big animals run for their lives when the lion appears. This should make you understand that it is not your size, your country, your educational level or your wealth that will determine your status in life. It is the value you place on yourself that will determine how people will respond to you.

If you always think about poverty all the time, people will see you as a beggar. See yourself as Christ Jesus sees you. You are a child of the Most High God. The Creator of the universe is your father, so you are precious in the sight of God. You are a royal priest in the sight of God. You are not an ordinary person (See 1 Peter 2:9). God Almighty lives in you in the person of the Holy Spirit.

It is not everybody who will value you. Don’t expect all men to value you because some of them are inferior themselves. I will give you some keys you can use to activate the spirit of courage. When the spirit of courage is in operation, the spirit of inferiority cannot function. Remember, God has not given us the spirit of fear but of love and a sound mind. The spirit of fear activates the spirit of inferiority; Therefore, to break the spirit of inferiority, you must walk with the mindset of faith. 

  • Faith is an invisible weapon that breaks the spirit of fear and inferiority. 
  • Faith makes you operate on the level of God. 
  • Faith destroys the mindset of the unbelievers to enable you to conquer their schemes. 
  • Faith activates the spirit of hope and allows you to walk in courage.
  •  Faith opens a portal for your soul to enable you to conquer the spirit of the world.

The unbelievers live by the dictates of the world, but we live by the consciousness of the Holy Spirit. We must connect our mind to the things of the spirit. Do not envy the riches of the unbelievers because their source of wealth is questionable. They can kill and destroy for money. Walk with the consciousness of spiritual blessings because their words can quench your faith. If you allow their words and mockery, your faith in the Lord will break, which will automatically open the door of inferiority to operate in your life.

The second key to breaking the spirit of inferiority is Contentment. Get my book entitled “One Step in the Light One Step in the Darkness” for more revelations. Contentment simply means you are joyful in the Lord. You are happy and joyous with what you have, and you believe God a better life as you work productively. Contentment is one of the secret keys to happiness in life. Contentment breaks the spirit of inferiority. Contentment creates a conducive environment for growth and creativity. The spirit of inferiority can never operate in your life if you are content.

The third key to breaking the spirit of inferiority is to renew your mind with the Word and other essential tools. The mind is a great asset to every human because God created our mind to enable us to create. To renew the mind, meditate on the Word because the mindset of the unbelievers opposes the mentality of God. The unbelievers are controlled by the prince of this world (See 2 Corinthians 4:4). As Christians, we need the Word in our lives. Without the Word, in our consciousness, the spirit of inferiority will dominate our thoughts.

The videos you watch and the music you listen to can boost your faith or make you feel inferior. Apply wisdom in everything you do because the prosperity of the unbelievers is vain. Most of the cars, aeroplanes, mansions and ships are just there to show up. Most of the items they show on the internet and television do not belong to them. The devil wants you to bow to him so he can deliver them to you. Satan tried to deceive Jesus Christ, but he could not succeed. He wanted Jesus Christ to focus on material possession, but he could not deceive Him (See Matthew 4:8-11).

Satan will entice you with earthly possession. After he traps you in temporal possession, he destroys you. If you refuse his enticement, he tries to make you feel inferior. This is the stage you have to apply the wisdom of the Word. Declare the Word when the enemy wants to make you feel inferior with his temporal gift. Satan can use your close relatives to entice you. Satan spoke through Peter to trap Jesus, but he could not (See Mark 8:27-33).

Let the Word guard your soul. The blessings of the Lord are everlasting (See Matthew 6:33). Use your mind to create opportunities. There are some untapped treasures in you. These are your potentials, gift, visions, passions and power. Set goals for yourself, it can be yearly, monthly, weekly, or daily. Measure your success as you press on with discipline and consistency. Use your potentials to conquer the spirit of inferiority.  Don’t give the devil the chance to manipulate you through the spirit of inferiority because the Creator lives in you.

Get my book entitled "How to Break the Spirit of Inferiority" for more revelation.

Divine Key: Love God with every iota of your being (spirit, soul and body).

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