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Psalm 100:4 Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name.

 Every door has a key. Without the key, you cannot get access to the room. The key gives you the legal right to unlock the door to enable you to enter the room. In the realms of the Spirit, there are spiritual laws which govern them.

 The same principle applies to our physical world. You cannot access the office of President of Ghana without passing through the necessary channel or without having an appointment with him. You cannot just pack your load to the Office of the President and demand employment.

There has to be a procedure for you to follow before you can get access to him. You cannot become a Student of the University of Professional Studies Accra, without passing through their laid down procedure. You must gain a recognized certificate from various institutions to enable you to apply for admission. You have to receive a letter of admission from their administration. You must pay the prescribed fees assigned. They must record your name in their record books for future reference.

 I laid down this foundation so you can understand what I about teach. The word of God says we must enter the gates of Heaven with thanksgiving and into his courts with praises. This means that without adoration from the heart unto the Lord, you cannot access the gates of Heaven. An offering can be presented as a seed. A sincere adoration from the Heart unto the Lord is another recommendation. This will enable you to get access into the gates of Heaven.

In the realms of the Spirit, there are different gates. The gate of favour is found in Heaven. The gate of mercy is found in Heaven. The gate of wisdom is found in Heaven. The gate of Power is found in Heaven. The gate of unlimited grace is found in Heaven. The gate for the anointing is found in Heaven. The gate of blessings and prosperity is found in Heaven. Different gates in different departments are located in Heaven. It will depend on the one you will approach.

 Before you pray to God, you must know this first spiritual key. The key of thanksgiving. Thanksgiving opens the doors of Heaven and allows your spirit to access these rooms. Anytime you give thanks to the Lord from your Heart, the Holy Spirit opens the portal for your spirit to access the treasures in Heaven.

The second secret key to an answered prayer is to give praise to the Lord. Praise means exalting the name of the Lord. When you exalt the name of the Lord by mentioning His attributes from your heart, He fills you with power and boosts your faith. When you praise God from your heart, the walls in your life falls apart. When you praise God from your heart, all the expectations of your enemies break. When the Israelite shouted with the praise of the Lord, the walls of Jericho begun to fall apart. 

When you praise God from your heart in the middle of prayers, He fights your battle for you. When you praise God from your heart, Jesus Christ puts on the nature of the Lion and destroys the plans of the enemy.

When you praise the Lord from your heart, the blood of Jesus Christ silences all the accusations of the enemy. Remember, a court is a place of judgment so when you praise God, your spirit enters the courtroom of God. The Heavenly Father becomes your Judge. Jesus Christ becomes your Lawyer and the Holy Spirit becomes the Advocator in the sight of your enemies. 

When you praise God from your heart, Satan has no ground to stand on. He must vanish from your presence and the presence of the Trinity. When you praise God in your prayers, you enforce the angels of war to fight for you spiritually and physically. Paul and Silas knew the secret of prayer and praises. Don’t be left out, apply these powerful keys in your prayers and you will always get feedback from God Almighty.

1. Download gospel videos and music into all your electronic devices.
2. Clean and anoint your room with anointed oil.
3. Set yourself apart for Jesus Christ.
4. Fellowship with the Holy Spirit through the Word.
5. Make it a habit to play spirit-filled and anointed worship music in your room.
6. Let your mind, heart, and body concentrate on the music.

7. Lift your hands and thank and praise the Lord with your tongue.

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