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Remedy for Coronavirus


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How should we react to every disease that confronts us as Christians? What does the Bible say about our current condition? The world is hyping the coronavirus, and it is our responsibility as Christians to search the scriptures and know the mind of God. Christians belong to the kingdom of God. We find our constitution in God's Word (Holy Bible).

When challenges, fear, anxiety, pain, and death come our way, we must run to the divine constitution (Holy Bible). The Word contains the mind of our only King, Leader, and President (Jesus Christ). Ignoring the Word leads to destruction. The devil and his cohorts manipulate and attacks the ignorant. 

The devil and his minions know that ignorance of God's Word gives them the advantage to destroy us, so he is using some leaders, professional doctors and specialists, the internet, researchers, the media, and religious leaders to project the spirit of fear and death using the arrow of coronavirus.

Some leaders are closing Churches, business organizations, and important gatherings because of this pandemic called coronavirus. First, every Christian and leader must understand that the Word of God is above the words of professional doctors, politicians, and every human being living under the sun. 

This does not mean that we shouldn’t obey godly rules and regulations set by earthly leaders. We should subject their command to the higher constitution (Holy Bible) and through intensive intercession. Let’s face reality.

People are dying, and some are losing their faith in Christ Jesus because of the coronavirus. The government and various authorities have quarantined families and citizens because of coronavirus. Well, this may help families and loved ones to socialize. Others are questioning the integrity, wisdom, and power of God because of this epidemic called coronavirus. I wonder they call this virus corona.

There must be a hidden agenda behind this epidemic. God is not all that wicked to ignore and destroy His children. God understands our feelings, fears, and troubles because He became a man and dwelt among us (See 1 Timothy 3:16). 

Sometimes God can allow a disease to strike a specific jurisdiction because of the people's wickedness. We live in a corrupt world. Righteous and evil people surround us, and the only way to make the wicked repent is to acknowledge a Supreme power and authority.

By the stripes of the Lamb (Jesus Christ), we are healed (See Isaiah 53:5, 1 Peter 2:24). Don’t allow any epidemic (coronavirus) or any disease destroy your faith in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. We are above every disease or virus because we serve a victorious God. Greater is He that lives in us than the one in this world (See 1 John 4:4).

The God we are serving is above every epidemic (coronavirus) and all diseases. God can heal all diseases. This is the hour to exercise your faith (Meditate on Hebrews 11:1-40). It is time to act on God’s Word. The Word of God is not a set of theories. The Word (Holy Bible) only works when you believe with all your heart and act on it as the Holy Spirit leads you.

This does not mean that you shouldn’t apply wisdom. Be led by the Holy Spirit in all your endeavours. Train your spirit to hear the voice of God. Build a consistent prayer life on your own to help bolster your faith. Meditate on God’s Word daily to help renew your soul and empower your spirit.

Remember that God rejects ignorant people because they limit Him under their limited wisdom and knowledge (See Hosea 4:6). The Holy Spirit fellowships with you based on the knowledge you have about Him and His Word (Holy Bible).

Never allow the world to steal your faith. Break the spirit of fear by confessing, declaring, and acting on the promises of God recorded in the Holy Bible. Never doubt the Word of God because the Word is higher than all books, psychic predictions, prophecies, conspiracies, and counsels within and outside this world.

It is time you say no to the devil and every voice that challenges your faith in God's Word.  Let the devil and world know that we serve the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. Jesus Christ is the Healer of all diseases.

I wrote a little book on coronavirus titled "The Remedies for coronavirus." 

This booklet will help you. Get a copy for yourself and your loved ones. Contact me for a free copy if you cannot afford to buy the book. Remember that by the stripes of the lamb, we are healed. No sickness can live in us if the Creator of the universe lives (the Holy Spirit) in our hearts. May the peace of our Lord, Savior, the Healer of all diseases (Jesus Christ) be with you now and forever. Amen.

Bless the LORD, O my soul: and all that is within me, bless his holy name.
Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits:
Who forgiveth all thine iniquities; WHO HEALETH ALL THY DISEASES;

Psalms 103:1-3 KJV.


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