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Darkness Operating in the Light (Exposing wolves in sheep's clothing) – 2


wolves in sheep's clothing



In my previous article, I wrote about wolves in sheep's clothing. I explained how false ministers and churches operate. I further explained how to detect false ministries and ministers. Moreover, I shared some visions about wolves in sheep in clothing.

I gave several revelations and visions about false churches and ministers. Kindly check out that article for a better understanding of this article. I will share more visions about false ministers and ministries in this article.

I will also share my experiences with false ministers and further prove how to detect and avoid fake ministers and churches from the Holy Scriptures. Sharing my experience with false ministers and ministries does mean I was a false minister. However, I accidentally entered the prison of false ministers and churches. By God's grace, the Holy Spirit has delivered me from the wolves in sheep in clothing.


The technology of false ministers and faithful ministries

Knowing false ministers and churches can deliver you from the devil's prison. Your chance of making heaven (new earth) will be greater if you identify and ignore false ministers and ministries.

Several demonic cults masquerade as true churches of God. If you are not watchful and prayerful, you can fall into the hands of these secret and deceptive demonic cults. Another disturbing thing about secret cults operating as churches is that they can initiate you spiritually.

You will become a slave to them spiritually, emotionally, technologically, socially, financially, psychologically, and physically if they initiate you. Haven't you heard of people losing their properties just by joining a "church."

People lose their lives prematurely because of false and demonic ministries. Some people are in psychiatric hospitals because of wolves in sheep’s clothing. False ministers use the name of Jesus to deceive innocent and weak-minded people.

They can tell you to sell all your assets to embark on a spiritual journey. False ministers often give strange (fearful) prophecies to make you sacrifice your assets. They can command you to sell your business, land, and assets and bring the money as a seed offering.

Get me right; there are times when the Lord may require a heartfelt sacrifice. Like Abraham, God tested him with Isaac (his only beloved son). Solomon gave God the best harvest (gold, silver, and precious assets).

However, God did not force them to provide those offerings. Any minister of God who forces you to sacrifice your assets for deliverance and blessings is false. God will not force you to offer your assets before delivering and blessing you.

It is false ministers and churches who force people to give all that they have. False ministers demand massive sums of money. However, faithful servants of God do not pressure or force people to give.

  • If you are in a "church" and that ministry is always concerned about your money and assets pray and apply wisdom.
  • If you are in a church and that ministry does not care about your welfare and salvation, pray and apply wisdom.
  • If you discover a church is false, leave that ministry and join a faithful one.

Also, note that some true churches may have some errors. The minor errors do not mean that the Church is false. Do not leave a church because of some minor issues. Be led by the Holy Spirit. There will always be some problems in every Church.

However, true churches constantly correct their errors. Faithful ministers and Churches portray Christ Jesus. The Holy Spirit can reveal secrets. Pray about your Church and spiritual leader.

The Holy Spirit will reveal some things to you about the Church. When you see something that does not agree with the Holy Scriptures rising in the Church, pray that the Holy Spirit will touch the leadership of the Church to make corrections.

If your prayer fails, try communicating with the church leaders. If the errors keep surfacing in the Church after prayer and discussion with the church leaders, you can leave the "church" and join a new one as led by the Holy Spirit. One thing that can help you detect true churches and ministers is the inner witness.


Discerning faithful ministers and ministries

You will often feel peace when you enter a true church of God (Yahweh). You will sense an inner joy within when you enter true churches. However, false churches can create fear in your heart. Anytime you enter such "churches," you will not feel peaceful (comfortable) in your heart.

The joy of the Holy Spirit will not flow in your heart when you enter false ministries. You will not feel peaceful and joyful when you encounter a false minister. You will not experience inner joy and peace when you enter false churches because the Holy Spirit is absent.

The Holy Spirit lives in our hearts. He lives in vessels that are born again. False ministries often have fake Christian members because they are not born again. The Holy Spirit does not live in them. As stated, you feel empty when you enter false ministries because the Holy Spirit is not living in the members.


The vision of the blind Church

The Holy Spirit gave this vision to me in 2022. In this vision, I saw myself in a big auditorium. Different lights (red, green, white, blue, yellow) blew in the room. The place looked like a church.

However, it resembled a nightclub. In the auditorium, I saw an American preacher and three Ghanaian Bishops. The American preacher was standing behind a pulpit while one bishop was standing in front of the American preacher.

Observing the American preacher, he was in his seventies. On the pulpit, the American preacher was about to ordain the Ghanaian bishop. The other two bishops were happily observing the ordination.

While the ordination was taking place, I heard a song playing in the Church. The music echoed like a secular song (Hip-hop). In the vision, the people in the Church were happily responding to the music!

They did not care about the ordination. All they knew was the music! I could see and feel fun and joy from the faces and emotions of the people within the "church." They were one with the musical sounds!

While the music played in the "church," I saw thousands of women dancing at the back of the pulpit. I mean the pulpit, the American preacher, and the three bishops stood. The platform was big enough to contain the women dancing to the music playing in the "church."

The women were dressed like people on the beach. One thing that shocked me was that the three bishops and the American preacher did not see the women dancing at the back of the pulpit. After the American preacher ordained the bishop, the dancing women left.


Lesson from the vision

The spirit of lust is operating in many churches. However, the leaders are blind to these lustful spirits. If you play ungodly songs in your Church, room, workplace, and surroundings, it opens the door for demonic spirits to have access.

I recommend reading my book, The Mysteries and Power of Spiritual Songs, for more profound revelations. Today, many Christian believers are blind to the activities of evil spirits. Most churches have allowed the Jezebel spirit to dominate the members, paving the way for fornication and immorality.

If you are in a church and that ministry promotes ungodly songs, pray and apply wisdom. Any church that endorses ungodly songs, homosexuality (gays and lesbianism), incest, fornication, adultery, bestiality, masturbation, abortion, and wickedness is fake. Do not fellowship in such "churches" because you can end up in the lake of fire. The leaders and Christians in such churches are blind and corrupt! Flee and fellowship with a faithful church.


Pastor Jude's warning against false ministers

For there are certain men crept in unawares, who were before of old ordained to this condemnation, ungodly men, turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness, and denying the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ.

Jude 1:4 KJV

Jude, the younger brother of our Savior and Lord Christ Jesus, warns that some people invade our churches. These ministers turn the grace of God into lawlessness. Today, some preach and teach false grace (new age doctrines and heresies).

False ministers and ministries use grace as a license to sin. They reject the obedience of the Word. These ministers misinterpret the Holy Scriptures. The doctrine of once saved, always saved is an error.

Pastor Jude has warned us. These “Christians” come in unexpectedly. You will hardly find them because they are deceptive. Jude declared that they were once ordained. However, they deviated. They chose the devil's path.

We must be careful of such preachers because they are ungodly (wicked) in their hearts and actions. False ministers deny Christ Jesus as the only Lord and Savior. If you are in a church that ministry uses the grace of Christ Jesus as a license to work wickedness, depart for your life.

Join a faithful church. Churches that preach and teach that once you receive Christ Jesus, you can live anyhow are false. False ministers and ministries endorse the faulty doctrine of "once saved forever saved."

Do not listen to such preachers, or you will be corrupt. Leave that Church because the leaders of such churches are ungodly. Such leaders fornicate with the church members and unbelievers. They can even fornicate with your wife if opportunity sinks in.

False ministers and ministries are wolves in sheep's clothing. They are not born again. Such ministers will corrupt your good manners. It doesn't matter how wealthy, famous, charismatic, and glorious a preacher or ministry is; escape and join a faithful church.


The vision of the lost Church

I had this vision around 2020. In this vision, I saw myself in a church. Within the Church, I saw the members smoking cigarettes and hard drugs. I cannot remember what the preachers on the pulpit were doing.

However, they were also doing ungodly activities behind the pulpit. In the vision, some of the members were drinking alcoholic wine. I saw the wine bottles. Some were drunk while others lay in “church” unbothered.

I saw some people dozing and sleeping on their seats. It looked like the people were blind to the activities in the Church. I was once a member of that Church. However, the Holy Spirit revealed this vision to me after leaving that “Church” several years ago.


Lesson from the vision

Some "church members" are in bondages because the leaders are in bondages. The curses operating on the leaders are affecting the members. Child of God, it is time to watch and pray because curses are real.

If a leader is blessed and you associate with him, some of his blessings can come into your life. However, if you submit to a cursed leader, it can affect you. This is one reason you must be prayerful.

Some churches have faulty foundations (altars). If you sit under such ministries and ministers, you come under the foundational problems. Some people cannot stop particular evil deeds because of their church altar.

It might be that the leaders in the Church are deep into that sin. Suppose your leaders are chief fornicators, drunkers, or womanizers. In that case, you will likely be fornicating and drinking alcoholic wine because of the covenant (ungodly soul ties).

If your leader has covenants with demonic spirits, it can affect you. Sowing seeds to such ministries and ministers connects you to their altars. It is time to watch and pray lest you fall into the trap and temptation of the thief (Satan). Engage in fasting and prayers. The Holy Spirit will unveil secrets to you.


Apostle Paul's warning

As I besought thee to abide still at Ephesus, when I went into Macedonia, that thou mightest charge some that they teach no other doctrine,

Neither give heed to fables and endless genealogies, which minister questions, rather than godly edifying which is in faith: so do.

1 Timothy 1:3-4 KJV

Apostle Paul warned us that we should not hear false stories that solidify storms, stigmatizations, and sensuality. Today, some preachers do not teach from the Holy Bible. They teach the philosophies of men.

Teaching from books without a foundation in the Word (the Holy Bible) rekindles rebellion (disputes). We cannot allow people to teach from books without inspiration from the Holy Spirit. If you read my books, you will realize its foundation is rooted in the Word (the Holy Bible).

If you teach from a book with its foundation in the Word, that's good. However, the Holy Bible must be the ultimate. Teaching directly from the Holy Bible is the best. If your Church or leaders teach theories without foundation in the Word, escape.

Such teachings will not edify your spirit and soul (meditate on 1 Peter 2:2, Hebrews 4:12). Man's wisdom creates confusion and insecurities. However, the Word transforms and reforms our inner man.

If the teachings in your Church do not build you in the image of Christ Jesus and the Word, escape. If you don't escape and keep hearing those words, you will become a slave to the corrupt ideologies of the writer and preacher.

Remember, the Word is the ultimate. Obey the Word. Follow ministries that teach and preach the true Word. Teach the Word. Pray the Word. You are in the right congregation if your Church teaches and follows the Word.

I will share more visions and experiences in the next article. I will further prove from the Holy Scripture why we must reject false ministers and ministries and follow faithful churches. Connect with my teachings for more profound revelations. Kindly share the link to this article so others can receive deliverance.


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