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/ / Prophetic Word to the body of Christ Jesus (4)

Prophetic Word to the body of Christ Jesus (4)

 I had this vision while I was praising God from my heart on January 18, 2021.

This is how the vision begins. I wrote as inspired by the Spirit of God.

I see many Christians, of which most of them are Americans, desperately crying and interceding for Donald Trump. I see a group of Prophetic and Apostolic generals warring in the spiritual realm. 

As these Christians cry unto God day and night in prayers, I see great angels lifting the hands of Donald Trump high. I see the opposition of Donald Trump bowing before Donald Trump for mercies.

I see them bowing and pleading for their wickedness against Donald Trump and their plans to destroy the plans of God on the nation. I see great angels with mighty swords who are ready to strike the enemies of Donald Trump and supporters, but I heard a voice said clearly in the realms of Heaven declaring, stop for they worked together for my servant's sake.

The voice continued, I allowed them to bruise my servant (Donald Trump ) because I wanted to teach him a lesson. From that hour, I saw in the spiritual realm great confusion in the kingdom of darkness. As they were trying to confuse the world, I saw a great light strike through their leaders. 

A great and loud voice pleaded; we will not bow because it is not the time. I saw great angels with great chains coming towards the hoards of the kingdom of darkness; as they reached the place where the kingdom of darkness stood, they bound the most stubborn and wicked among them and threw them into a great fiery place of which I cannot find the exact word to describe.

I saw great light shine on the USA's land as I saw Donald Trump holding the USA's flag with a smiling face. I heard a voice from heaven saying, I am the Lord, I am fulfilling my prophets' words. 

I am taking my children out of the deception about to blow up in these last days. My fury is coming upon the ones that chose darkness. As I observed what was happening, I saw some angels with great power riding on horses assembling the corners of the USA, India and some African countries.

The angels had swords in their hands, and they were ready to do the bidding of the generals of that land. I saw a great and dedicated woman who had been praying all her life for Donald Trump and governmental leadership. I saw the angels of God putting a special shield on her because of her endurance and persistence.

As I observed in the Spirit, I saw great sorrow in the children of darkness because their plans came to nought. They couldn't believe God could intervene in that hour. As I watched in the Spirit, I asked the Lord, what is about happen on earth, and the Lord said to me, Be watchful and prayerful in these last days, for my children are not walking in the footsteps of my Spirit.

Tell my children to hold unto me because many shall be hated and despised for my namesake. Many will feel like giving up on faith. Tell them I am pleased by their faith in my Word, and I will be on their side if they allow my Spirit to take control of their life.

As the Lord kept speaking to me in the Spirit, I saw a big truck landed in a specific country; I think the place looked like the USA. A group of people that looked like kings, leaders, warriors and helpers came to honour Donald Trump for his perseverance and boldness.

A white blanket was shown to the USA in the heavenly as I saw it clearly, then immediately a force showed a red blanket to the USA, I asked the Lord the meaning of the two blankets, the Lord said to me, the time has come for my children to reign and lift my banner.

If America fails to utilize this season to bring down my presence, the kingdom of darkness will rule the USA. The Lord said to me; I need dedicated people who are full of my Spirit to warm up the USA, India, and Nigeria's atmosphere, for my eyes are upon these countries.

I have mighty warriors in the continent of Africa, Asia, Europe and some countries; They have been praying to enter this day. Tell them the time is now to occupy these cities to expand my kingdom because I have some souls ready to die for my kingdom.

Then I saw Donald Trump signed a piece of paper as he enforced the kingdom-minded people to change the USA's atmosphere and take control of countries where Christians are badly depressed. 

I saw Israel lifting their hands unto God for intervention, and I asked the Lord what is happening. The Lord said, my people are not interceding for Israel. My sheep are becoming fewer in these lands because my people have become weak in the field of prayer and fasting. 

Then the Lord said to me, I am coming again with great power to redeem my saints, for they have been faithful to me. The Lord said to me, tell Kenya, Ghana, and India that I am pleased by their faithfulness in me. My blessings are upon them. Nigeria has been seeking me from their heart, and I have heard their cry. I am coming this time to strike their enemies, and these enemies shall never recover.

The Lord said to me, Uganda has been struggling to come to their faith, Zambia is rising in the spiritual realm, Somalia is becoming a territory for the kingdom of darkness but tell the Somalians and Afghanistans that I am the one that gives life and power, Tell my intercessors to dedicate time to pray for these countries because my heart bleeds when I see the operation of the righteous.

Then the Lord took me to a higher mountain, as I stood with the Lord on the mountain, the Lord stretched forth his right hand to the east, then I saw a great number of beasts that looked like zombies; they were ready to invade the earth. The Lord said to me; I will not allow my saints to experience this great torment; I will take them away from earth before the zombies enter the earth realm.

Then I saw a big angel whose face looked like a lion; he watched me intensely with his eyes; I began to become bold as the angel kept looking at me in the eyes, he drew his sword to the south, and I saw great battles in the heavenly, as the battle was going on,  I saw a group of Christians praying in their homes, churches, and offices.

Some were praying in bushes, while others were praying in a secret place because of the government's military and laws. The angel said to me; we become strong when the saints lift strong prayers unto our Lord.

Our feathers become very strong, and we can climb to a higher dimension and easily defeat the stronghold that sits upon the glory of the nation, cities and towns. The angel flew downwards with an incredible speed to fight the forces of darkness that dominated a certain country.

I could see a country like Ghana, as a single house on the mountain as I stood with the angel from my vision. Fire hailed from heaven and stroke on the kingdom of darkness. When the fire hits the kingdom of darkness, the forces of darkness cry with pain and descend to the outer darkness.

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