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Prophetic Word to the body of Christ Jesus (3)


There is an honorable vessel that follows my articles and other materials. God is saying; it is time to hear the present voice of the Holy Spirit. Hear the current voice of the Holy Spirit because what He said to you some time ago is passed. Don't harden your heart!

God wants you to change the spiritual atmosphere. The road you are walking on is dusty. Wash your feet with the Spirit of the Word because the vessels surrounding you needs spiritual refinement. I see the hands of God touching you and your followers because of your obedience to His Word.

God is opening new doors for you. There is a strong outbreak in your jurisdiction. I see great hands holding you in the spiritual realms. They are carrying you to the battleground, take the whole armour of God, and be ready for spiritual warfare because God has armed you with a sword to set the captives free.

There is a lady who has been praying earnestly for a husband, God is saying, He has heard you, but your attitude and character drives them away. Repent! God wants you to be full of joy. Your cry touches the heart of God. The heart of God beats anytime you speak unto Him. Turn around, and you see the miracle of God!

I see a generous vessel planning to sow a seed into the ministry, but some voices restrain you from doing the will of God. Listen and harken to the voice of the Holy Spirit because your seed will open the doors of miracles you are desiring.

I see a woman who is going through a lot of pain. God is healing your mother. God is giving your family new strength. The devil is the one behind the sickness, but God is vindicating you from that bondage. Pray using Psalm 59 and declare Psalm 68:1-3 and the archangels of war will take dominion.

I see a minister of God; the devil commanded the spirit the death to attack you, but God is delivering you speedily because of your sacrifice and labour of love in His vineyard. Don’t give up on your good works. You will reap you the rewards of your labour in the Celestial City.

Young lady, God is resolving the conflicts in the marriage. Fear not, for God has not given you the spirit of fear but of power, love, and a sound mind. The spirit of fear is breaking from you now in Jesus name.

By Duodu Henry Appiah-korang

God’s Servant

September 18,2020

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