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/ / The Top Fifteen Things that Destroys the Purpose and life of Mankind (5)

The Top Fifteen Things that Destroys the Purpose and life of Mankind (5)

Loved one in Christ Jesus I believe you are growing in the Lord. This is lesson five on my teachings, the top fifteen things that limit and destroy the purpose of humankind. Kindly read the previous lessons for a more profound revelation.

In this lesson, I will unveil to you one of the commonest habits that limit men and women in life. This habit is common in most developing and underdeveloped countries. I call this habit laziness. Laziness is one of the facilitating factors that hinder the progress of men (includes women).

Lazy people cannot use their mind to create opportunities. They allow their flesh to control them.  This is one reason most churches and African countries cannot advance economically, socially, spiritually, and globally. Most leaders and employees sit at the workplace and church premises doing nothing. When this happens, it brings financial loss to the church, business, and the nation.

One of the principal reasons most developed countries in terms of infrastructure, roads, and businesses are growing is because of hard work.  Hard work makes a country and church productive. Most African countries are developed spiritually but not economically. With the management of resources, some leaders embezzle the funds of the nation and take loans to drag the nation into slavery. It is time we come together as a family and build the church and economy.

The government uses the unmonitored taxpayer's money to pay lazy and unproductive workers. Meanwhile, these funds could do something profitable. Because of this, the Gross Domestic Products (GDP) of the developing and underdeveloped counties cannot rise. Some countries are claiming there is growth in their GDP, but we cannot see evidence in the life of the citizens. God sees everything done in secret. Do you think God is lazy? 

God planned the world in His mind before He created it. Study the book of Genesis in the Holy Bible for more wisdom keys. God is productive, so don’t limit Him by your laziness. We are supposed to walk in the footsteps of God because He created us in His image and likeness (See Genesis 1:26). We must give our best in whatever we do.

Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might

Ecclesiastes 9:10 KJV

Before creation took place, the Heavenly Father, the Son (Jesus Christ) and the Holy Spirit planned. Let us read from the scriptures because the Word speaks a lot about laziness.

Give not sleep to thine eyes, nor slumber to thine eyelids.

Proverbs 6:4 KJV

Solomon makes us understand that we should not give a place to sleep. Most people spend productive hours of the day resting. If you enquire from them, most of them will tell you, their body is tired, so they have to rest to regain energy.  

Some will also tell you they want to put on body weight. Some people use working hours to chat on social media. Most of these people will give you a lot of reasonable and unreasonable reasons for their idleness. 

Can I present to you that some animals only rest for two hours a day? Animals like giraffes, horses, bullfrogs, ants, goats, elephants, and cows do not sleep over five hours a day. These animals use the time profitably.

I am not comparing human beings with animals. I am giving you wisdom keys. Get my book, How to Pursue a Purposeful Life Without Money for a more profound revelation. God structured our body and mind to rest at certain hours. Sleeping at that season is not evil because every man born of a woman must rest to gain energy and activate the metabolism of the body.

Some people oversleep and waste of time. Do you think you can be resourceful in life if you love sleeping? I hardly sleep, not because I hate sleeping. I love working on important projects. I have programmed myself to the extent that when I am not doing something profitably with my time; I feel cheated and wasted.

I discipline myself and sacrifice most of my time doing things that will bring a positive change to my life and the world. I am always time conscious. I always plan before I embark on projects. Sometimes I feel I have lost something when I don’t wake up in the middle of the night to pray, write, and fellowship with the Holy Spirit.

It has become part of my life. No man tells me to write, pray, or read because I have aligned my mind and body to these activities. I feel empty when I don’t do something profitably with my time. Although I have some time to relax and watch a movie when I want to release some stress.

I don’t have time to visit my friends, and gossip because my activities will not permit me. Time is one of the most valuable assets every individual must respect and utilize because you cannot buy it. Once lost, forever lost.

If you want to be a valuable person in God’s kingdom and on earth, don’t waste time. Use your body, resource, energy, and mind to do important things. Jesus said, “I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work.” (See John 9:4). Jesus Christ did not waste His precious time.

There are seasons in life. What you can do in your youthful stage cannot be done when you are old. Even if you are capable of doing something in your old age, your strength will not permit you to do it. Many people have regretted in life because they spent their youthful days unprofitably. Some are struggling in life because of the decisions they took in their early stage. Some people are also enjoying their old age because they invested in their youthful season.

The earthly parents of Jesus (Joseph and Mary) were looking for Jesus for the past three days after the Passover feast held in Jerusalem. After a long search, they found Jesus Christ sitting among doctors, learned and religious people discussing the kingdom of God. When Mary and Joseph confronted Jesus, Jesus told them He must be on His Heavenly Father’s business.

And he said unto them, How is it that ye sought me? wist ye not that I must be about my Father's business?

Luke 2:49 KJV

The earthly parents of Jesus taught Jesus was not matured to be alone because He was twelve years old. Jesus replied to his parents why they were seeking for him. Jesus knew His Heavenly Father’s job is the most important thing on earth. Jesus Christ worked effectively when He walked on earth as a man.

Don’t allow the temporal desires of the body to control you because you have a business with God. Master the desires of your flesh if you don’t want to be a bad debt or a liability to your family, church, business, and country.

Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise:

Which having no guide, overseer, or ruler,

Provideth her meat in the summer, and gathereth her food in the harvest.

How long wilt thou sleep, O sluggard? when wilt thou arise out of thy sleep?

Proverbs 6:6-9 KJV

The wise man (Solomon) further states that we should learn from the ant. If the scriptures command us to learn from the ant, then it is wise to learn from smart animals. As I said, study the sleeping habits of animals because it helps you grow in wisdom. Do you know that the average hours an ant sleeps a day are four hours, forty-eight minutes? Watch or download wildlife videos on YouTube. There are a lot of documentary videos on wise animals on YouTube.

We must learn from ants because the scriptures command us to learn from them. Get my book, The Book of Secret of Wisdom, I have unveiled some wisdom keys in that book. Ants are resourceful animals. They are one of the tiniest animals living on earth. They are wise because they plan. Second, they have no ruler or guide, yet they can work efficiently.

They have a Ph.D. in agriculture, meteorology, and management. They don’t waste resources because they know it will be needed. They have a vision for their lives. They can anticipate the future and make perfect decisions. They believe unity is strength.

If you want to be resourceful in life, master the skills and wisdom of the ant. Lazy people are addicted to sleeping because they have no vision for their lives. If you love sleeping, you waste valuable resources. I will learn from the ant and become resourceful. The scripture records.

Yet a little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to sleep:

So shall thy poverty come as one that travelleth, and thy want as an armed man.

Proverbs 6:10-11 KJV

The wise man (Solomon) emphasizes that poverty awaits a man or woman who is lazy and enjoy sleeping. Maybe a physician advised that you must rest because of your health condition. Your case is different.

I am talking about youthful men and women who hate to work. Do you think manna will rain from heaven? If you don’t want people to despise you in life, arise and do something with the life God has given you. 

Man that is born of a woman is of few days, and full of trouble.

He cometh forth like a flower, and is cut down: he fleeth also as a shadow, and continueth not.

Job 14:1-2 KJV

Our days on earth are short, so don't waste it. There are a lot of potentials within you that no one possesses. There are a lot of opportunities in your community. People are carrying a load of problems, develop a strategy, and solve their problems, and they will supply your needs and wants. 

There are a lot of opportunities on the internet. Acquire knowledge by reading relevant books that can transform your life. Formal education is not the only way to become successful. Be a voracious reader because ignorance is a silent killer. Read and apply the positive knowledge you acquire in books.

Stop depending on the government for employment because you are full of creative ideas. Break that lazy habit and do something positive with your life. Sitting idle will not solve your problem. Blaming others will not solve the problem. God has invested gifts in you (See Matthew 25:14-30). Acting like a beggar will not solve your problem, it will rather make people despise and use you for their dirty work.

See yourself as Christ Jesus sees you. The Creator of the Universe lives in you (See 1 John 4:4). Nothing can limit you because you are more than a conqueror. The King of Kings and the Lord of Lords live in you, so why are you fearful. 

Be disciplined and sacrificial in your work. Build a prayer life. Learn from others. Don’t allow your financial level, family, or the government to determine your future. The government has a role to play but don't solely depend on them.

Stop blaming your parents and those around you. Break the laziness habit with hard work because hard work will not break your bones. When I say hard work, I mean work effectively and efficiently.  Believe with all your heart, with God, all things are possible (Meditate on Luke 1:37). Refuse to be mediocre. 

Don’t allow the words (mockery, destructive criticism, gossip, and accusations) of your enemies to stop you from the vision God has stored in your heart. Sacrifice, perseverance, prayer, and holiness is a great key to your success.

These virtues and habits break the inferiority mindset. Get my books, “How to Break the Spirit of Inferiority” and “The Mysteries of Fear” for more wisdom keys. Remember, laziness will attract worthless people into your life. Break out from that comfort and accursed zone and do something with your gifts and potentials. 

If you are involved in a group, and this group encourages you in your mediocre state, disengage from them. Your temperament is a gift. Every positive virtue within you is a gift to the world. Let the world benefit from you. 

Don't exit this world with those ideas because some people need it to advance in life. Write and publish those ideas you have recorded because someone's life depends on it. Don't allow the spirit of slumber to manipulate you. Silent laziness with work because God created us to work (See Genesis 2:15).

The enemy of laziness is hard work. Hard work will not destroy you, but it will compel you to stretch beyond the limits you have set, and people have set for you. Acquire knowledge on the work you want to embark upon and take action when no one is willing to help you. 

If you're going to do something extraordinary, don’t do the same thing you have been doing. Add value to what you have done. For example, if you write for one hour a day, press forward and write two or three hours a day. It will surprise you that your productivity will upgrade as you put in more effort.

Tell the body to keep quiet when it tries to dominate you. This is what I occasionally do. Sometimes when I am fasting, my body cries for food. I tell my stomach, keep quiet! Other times I feel sleepy when I’m praying, I tell my body to keep quiet!

Sometimes I will intentionally exercise (press up or jog) to get rid of the temporal desire of my body. If you master the desires of the flesh, you will always triumph. If you always allow the temporal desire of the body to control you, laziness will dominate you and make you a loser.

Sometimes when I wake up in the middle of the night to write, pray or fellowship with the Holy Spirit, my body tells me to rest. I don’t give full attention to my body. I can stay all night praying and working and move to town to embark on different projects early in the morning. I am not destroying myself. I am training my body and mind to be productive.

I will not dissipate my strength on useless things whiles I am in my youthful stage. I believe God has called me to help some people. Many souls are waiting for me to unlock certain doors for them in life. Playing with my life will destroy the souls God has entrusted into my hands. 

As Myles Munroe said, "Within every seed, there is a forest." If you kill the tree, you destroy the forest. We are like seeds and trees. God has hidden a lot of treasures inside us. If you allow laziness to dominate you, you kill the seed that will produce the forest in you. People are waiting for the seed God has planted in you.

People are weary of life. Some want to commit suicide because they are fed up in life. Some people have given up in life because they don't know what to do. God has invested the solutions of people's problems into you because these people don' have the capacity to solve the problem. 

Some people need relaxation because you can provide shelter with your seed. Get rid of that laziness habit. Get rid of that worthless friend who is going nowhere. Find people whose vision is connected to the vision God has placed in your heart. Build a relationship with people in wisdom. 

Make use of your time because time is a precious asset. Our time on earth is too short to play around. Know when to rest and when to work. I sleep when it’s time for me to relax. I don’t allow laziness to control me. Sometimes I can wake up over five times and watch my time when I am sleeping because I am always time conscious.

It has become part of my life. You will hardly find me sleeping. The only time I sleep is when I am in the process of work, especially when I am reading. I often sleep when my body and mind are exhausted.

I am sharing some of my personal life with you because I don’t play with my time. Even if I’m relaxing, I use the time profitably. For example, when I am playing a computer game (most often Pro Evolution Soccer or FIFA) on my laptop, I mute the sound of the game and listen to Christian messages because I don’t want to waste time.

Before I watch a movie, I estimate the time. I need to get some valuable information in the movie. Second, I cannot waste all my time watching a long hour movie (seasonal film) because I have important projects to work on. I don’t have time to gossip because I'm always occupied. I occasionally visit my mother once in a blue moon. 

Time is not on our side. If you don’t want to become a failure, use your time profitably. Work effectively, read good books connected to the vision God has placed in you, and disengage from the visionless environment and people. Remember to take action when no one is willing to help you. Our help comes from the Lord. Keep this Word in your heart always.

I can do all things through Christ, which strengtheneth me.

Philippians 4:13 KJV

To be Continued…

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