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The Gate of Immortality

 Gates of Hell, Windows of Heaven — Generals International

And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

Mathew 16 vs 18 KJV

Let me tell you something, the manifestation of an epidemic and pandemic diseases or any evil disaster on earth is a product of hell that finds expression to the natural through the opening of some gates called the gates of hell.

And it will shock you if I tell you that those that the scripture refers to as gates of hell are mortal  beings like I and you who have aligned themselves to be gates or portal  through which the demonic recourse and  activities from a demonic realm called “Hell” finds expression to this natural realm called Earth.

Just like goods or products from one country to another country must legally pass through the borders. So, who are these borders of hell? Because that the pit of hell released an attack is not my issue, but the issue is who are these men in the high ranking with demonic authority that make themselves the gates of hell through which the attack comes to the natural.

The focus of the church on every evil should not be the pit of hell where the evil comes from or the manifestation of the evil. The focus should be on the gates. If the head of the gates and the everlasting doors are not lifted to shut it down, and we keep on focusing on the problem on earth, another evil will still come after we might have used all our time and spiritual energy to solve the problem as long as the gate is open.

So, who are the mortal beings like I and you but so in alignment with hell to become a gate of hell fighting against the church? When Jesus was saying, and the gates of hell will not prevail over the church, he was not talking about the devil; he was talking about a person or group of people. He was talking about men who have sold their souls to evil.

He was talking about men who have subjected themselves to become tools through which the activity of hell will find its expression to the natural. And until men like us also arise to be a Gate of immortality through which the activities and agenda of heaven also will find its way to the natural realm, the activities of hell will keep on expanding and gaining ground in the realm of cosmos.

You may be surprised if I tell you that you are a gate. In the natural, we see ourselves as human beings, but in the realm of the spirit, they see us as the only gate built by God through which any immortality can come to this earth to carry out eternal agenda.

We are the builders and the gates between the natural and the spiritual through which the Holy Spirit or Evil Spirit can pass through to manifest on earth. But, unfortunately, the gates of the church are locked, but the gates of heaven are opened, that is why the evil plan is more than the holy agenda on earth.

It is even becoming worse when those who are directly making their gates to be gates of hell now are the so-called believers. Some pastors have become gates through which heresy to the church will come. In contrast, some choir leaders have become gates through which immorality has entered the church Immorality is now entering through the gate of immortality to cause lukewarmness to the church.

We are in a dispensation where many humans beings who are surrendering our soul directly or indirectly to the pit of hell to be used as Gate through which the devil and evil can come to the earth and be established are more than the true believers who are in alignment to be used as Gate through which eternity will come to the realm of mortality and establish the current agenda of heaven on earth.

At times we think God is happy with the church because we are incredibly increasing in size and numbers, yes there is a joy in heaven over that dimension of achievement. But there is a department in the emotion of God that is not interested in the number of those that are in Christ. Still, he is interested in the total number of those that are in alignment for Christ, so that the activity and the current agenda of heaven will find its way through them to manifest on earth.

The breaking news now from the radiovision of eternity is that Heaven is looking for open gates, but, unfortunately, we are looking for open heavens Get this, the solution to the problem of this earth is already available and loaded in the heavenly place.

But the border is locked, the gate through which those eternal resources can find expression to the mortal realm is not opened. And the heart and the soul of men are the gates. But it is unfortunate that many gates of heaven have been locked with earthly activities and cares of this life (Luke 8:14).

Until you begin to catch the revelation that your heart is the flow gate of heaven, you may not understand this teaching. And I shouted as a representative of immortality that who is ready that will become a portal through which angelic activities can come to the earth realm?

Heaven needs a mortal man who will become a ladder through which angels will be ascending and descending from their country in the nation of immortality to the nation of mortality to carry out eternal activities on Earth (John 1:51).

There is part of God that is sad, even though heaven is rejoicing over a soul that is saved, but there is part of the emotion of God that is sad because of the rate of misalignment in the body of Christ. We have crippled the capacity of God because of lack of the availability of men who can make themselves the gate of heaven.

Let me share this bad news, truly the church is increasing, but the rate of souls who are in alignment with hell to be used as gates through which evil agenda will enter the earth to the church is more than those in alignment to be used as the gate of heaven through which the work of Christ can be revived and restored.

The resources of heaven are more than the resources of hell, no doubt about that. But the gates of hell are more than the gates of heaven. Human resources who have made themselves gates of hell are more than men who have made themselves gates of heaven.

Honestly, we are serving Christ, worshipping God, but we have lost focus. Money has become the root behind many activities in the church. If the program is not organized to make money, it will be organized to teach people how to make money.

If revival is not organized to make money, it will be a revival organized to prophesy money or deliver people from poverty. Why is everything circled around money, why money is the hidden motive of our cry for anointing or going to church program?

If the theme of the program is breakthrough the yoke, everything around will be to break the yoke of poverty. If it is a generational curse, it will center on how to move from poverty to property. What is our problem? Can't there be a programme on how to be free from spiritual lukewarmness, can't there be a programme on how to be free from the spiritual curse of prayerlessness or sin, because those are the real bondage I know? If you say poverty is a curse I will agree, but the original curse is spiritual lukewarmness, it is prayerlessness.

It is spiritual emptiness, a life of iniquity, unholy and unrighteous, lack of spiritual gifts and fruit of the spirit; all those are the original curses if you don't know, all those are the real manifestation of a curse if you don't know. That is what Adam lost when he received the curse of God, not money. Cain was not weak; the Bible says he built a city (See Genesis 4:17).

Who locked the gate of the church, and went with the key? Because until you are spiritually-minded continuously, your gate is locked. Until you are always spiritually minded by making your mind to be on the things above, you can't be an open Gate for Heaven to come on earth; you will only be a closed gate looking for an open heaven.

Where are the gates of Zion and the gates of Jerusalem of this generation? Because for the gate of hell not to prevail over the gates of heaven known as the church, there must be a high rate of equipping and speed of building men that will be gated against the gates of hell.

Sir, hear this, if you are not among the Gates that heaven is raising now, you can't fight against the gates of hell in these last days The battle I am seeing in the spirit now is a battle between two gates.
Two different rivers are about to break its bank and flow into the earth: Rivers of great spiritual blessings and the river of a tremendous demonic evil curse. The river will vomit much evil, and another river will vomit the solution to evil. The current pandemic is just small compared to what is coming ahead if we don't rise in the body of Christ and open our Gates for heaven to come on earth.

The throne of immortality is shouting that let the men of the church open their flow gate of heaven, but we turn it to songs and be singing it back to heaven. We thought the gate of heaven is above us, not knowing that our heart is the gate of Heaven. I hear alignment in my spirit echoing like thunder to the body of Christ.

Written By: Banjo Ayeka

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