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/ / How to Become a Perfect Believer in Jesus Christ 3 (Perfecting Holiness)

How to Become a Perfect Believer in Jesus Christ 3 (Perfecting Holiness)

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Though he were a Son, yet learned he obedience by the things which he suffered;And being made perfect, he became the author of eternal salvation unto all them that obey him;

Hebrews 5:8-9 KJV

We thank God Almighty for His grace and wisdom in our life. God is working for our good. Child of God, when you are going through trials and persecutions, don’t give up on God because He is using it to merge some broken bridges in your life.

Never allow the enemy to destroy your faith in the Word. Have faith in Jesus Christ because He is the author and the finisher of our faith. Get my book, "How to Unlock the Gate of Faith" for a more profound revelation. In Jesus, we have life and strength. Aside from Christ Jesus, we are like a flock of sheep among the wolves, serpents, and scorpions (See Matthew 10:16).

Never lose hope in Jesus Christ, because when the world rejects you, Jesus Christ will not deny you. No one can love you as much as Jesus Christ because His love is unconditional. Jesus Christ is the complete expression of love. He is a manufacturer of love. Don’t give up on God’s purpose for your life because He has created you for His assignment.

I shared with you the foundations of holiness and how you can activate the Spirit of holiness in your life in the previous articles. If you have not read my previous articles on holiness, kindly read them. The foundations and the previous articles will help you understand the basics of holiness.

Holiness outside Jesus Christ is morality, humanism, and goodness. Trying to live a holy life without Jesus Christ is trying to live in innocence. We must understand that true holiness emanates from the Holy Spirit. If you try to impose do’s and don’ts in your Christian life without submitting to the Holy Spirit, you will struggle to please God. You will be like the Pharisees.

In this article, I will share with you one of the best ways to activate the Spirit of holiness in your life. I call this key, Obedience, and Suffering. Ask yourself these questions.
  • Why does a baby cry when he is born?
  • Why is there so much injustice in our world?
  • Why do the innocent suffer for the crime they never committed?
  • Why do we go through pain, disappointment, and shame?
  • Who do people become jealous when others are flourishing?
  • Why are some people born into poor homes, while others are born into comfortable homes?
  • Why is the world divided into groups (religion, politics, science, philosophy, and humanism)?
  • Does God care about us?

These and many other questions linger in our hearts when we face challenges. Some people suffer from childhood to adulthood. Some even die in poverty. Some people enjoy substantial wealth from childhood to adulthood with no distraction. If you encounter such people and enquire from them about life, they will give you a different perspective about life.

Some people have seen death, war, injustice, and other grave evils since their childhood so, they think life is not fair. Others have never seen much harm or to be precise, none evil in their life, so they think life is pleasurable.

The question we must ask ourselves is if there is a loving God who has the power to destroy the evil some of us faces, why doesn’t He intervene? Is God wicked to leave some people to suffer in pain while others enjoy it?

The great answer to this question is, God is not wicked to allow His children to suffer. If you only analyze life from the physical perspective, you have made a mistake. Spiritual laws are governing this world. Nothing happens without a cause. We call it the law of Karma. Ask yourself, why does the sea remain at a particular boundary?

There are a lot of questions, scientists, philosophers, politicians, atheists, humanists, and other religious groups cannot answer. Not even theologians can answer specific questions in life because they are limited. Some questions demand divine wisdom. Ask yourself these questions.
  • Why should God become a human being and suffer in the hands of His creation?
  • How can God live in the womb of a woman?
  • Where did sin emanate from if God is Holy?
  • If God is loving, why did He allow sin, pain, sickness, injustice and other evils to dominate His creation?

We must understand that God is Sovereign. He can do what He pleases, and no one can stop Him. This does not mean that God will use His sovereignty to work wickedness against His creation. His holiness would not allow Him to act in an ungodly way. God always acts righteously. He can never sin because sin cannot live in Him.

Sin is the enemy of God Almighty. Read my articles, “The Mysteries of  Jesus Christ and Sin” and “Breaking the root cause of sin" for a more profound revelation on sin. You can also get my book, “Spiritual Keys for Life,” for a more profound revelation on sin.

Apostle Paul wrote to the Jewish Christians in the book of Hebrews chapter five, verses eight and nine, that Jesus Christ became obedient through suffering. If Jesus Christ became obedient through suffering, then we must understand that pain can mould us to become an honourable vessel in God's hand. Jesus Christ became perfect (complete) through the pain, mockery, persecutions, and injustice people fired at Him.

This means suffering plays a vital role in our life. Never become bitter or reject God when you are going through challenges in your family, job, Christian life, and neighborhood. God is moulding you to become a perfect man or woman.

If you hate pain, you cannot enter the realm of perfection. Suffering is a spiritual currency that builds our character, personality, and temperament. When we go through pains, it helps us reflect on our life and make changes.

Without money, we cannot buy products and services. The money serves as a legal tender to enable us to exchange services. The money is the currency we use to transact business in the earth realm. The same principle applies to the currency of suffering. We use the pain of God to attain the garment of perfection.

God can allow suffering in our life so we can conform to His image. This does not mean that all sufferings are from God. Any pain that draws you away from God, the church, and makes you bitter in the faith is questionable. Most often, such suffering is not from God.

Sin has penalties. Sin can activate suffering. The only difference between the pains that emanates from God and the suffering that originates from Satan is that the suffering of God builds our faith while the suffering of sin or Satan destroys our faith. 

Anyone who hates the sufferings of God excludes himself from God’s holiness. As Jesus Christ became obedient and perfect (complete) through the suffering He went through, we can also become perfect through the pain. We will learn to be obedient through suffering!

It is like a child who does not know that playing with a blade may harm him. Such a child can become your enemy when you take the blade from him. The child may not understand you until the blade cuts him. When the child receives an injury from the blade, he will learn to be obedient.

This does not mean that Jesus Christ was disobedient. Jesus Christ learned obedience because He was a human being like us. He has to adapt to human nature. Jesus always walked in the ways of God. Jesus never sinned (See 1 John 3:5,1 Peter 2:21-22, 2 Corinthians 5:21). The unbelievers and other religious groups have different beliefs about Jesus Christ. We must not allow their beliefs about Jesus Christ to destroy our faith.

Christianity is not only about prosperity, prayer, grace, evangelism, and holiness. There are levels in the Christian journey. Sometimes God allows us to pass through different roads so He can mould us to become complete in Him. You can never attain perfection in Jesus Christ until you pass the exams of suffering. Know these truths.
  • Taking your cross and following Christ Jesus is part of the suffering.
  • Loving God above your family is part of the suffering.
  • The world will persecute godly Christians, it is part of the suffering. If the unbelievers are not persecuting you, it means you are not living a godly life (See 2 Timothy 3:12).
  • The world will hate us because they hated Jesus Christ, it is part of the suffering.
  • The devil and his minions will oppose us because they opposed God and His kingdom, it is part of the suffering.
  • The world will hate us for preaching the good news, it is part of the suffering.
  • The seed of the devil will fight the seed of God because of the disobedience of Adam and Eve, it is part of the suffering.
  • Some of our closest neighbours will become our enemies because we belong to the kingdom of light, it is part of the suffering.
  • There are some things you cannot do when you become a believer in Christ Jesus, it is part of the suffering.
  • There are some places you cannot go when you become a believer in Christ Jesus, it is part of the suffering.
  • There are some movies, books and music you cannot read and listen to when you become a believer in Christ Jesus, it is part of the suffering.

Child of God, never give up because your reward is more excellent. Get my book, “Keep Quiet and Let Me Follow Jesus Christ,” for a more profound revelation.

All things are lawful for me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but all things edify not.
1 Corinthians 10:23 KJV

The Apostle emphasized to the church in Corinth that all things are lawful unto him. The reason he said that is because he was a Roman citizen. Second, he is a man with desires so he can choose his desires, but he further stated that it is not everything that builds his spiritual life.

In other words, the Apostle is saying that he is at liberty to do anything, but the Holy Spirit limits him because of Jesus Christ. Because of Jesus Christ and the Church, he cannot do certain things. Whatever he does must glorify the kingdom of God.

If you want to become a complete believer in Jesus Christ, there are some things you must sacrifice. Maybe you loved to gossip, fight, fornicate, and attend night clubs. It is time you stop those things because when you become a Christian, you cannot do what the unbelievers do. Everything we do must glorify God.

You are a new Creature in Jesus Christ and you must conform to the kingdom rules (Holy Bible). There are some things the Word (Holy Bible) restrains us from (See Matthew 6:33). It may be painful for you because of the joy you had when you were in the world.

If you cannot pay the price to suffer for the kingdom, count God’s holiness out of your life. Jesus Christ could command a legion of angels to strike the Romans, Sadducees, children, unbelievers, and Pharisees when they were mocking and crucifying Him, but He had to endure. Jesus had the power to stop the injustice done at him in His ministry, yet He endured it. It was part of the suffering.

Because Jesus Christ paid the price of suffering, He holds the key of death and Hell. At the mention of the name Jesus, every knee bow! No one is qualified to open the seventh seal except Jesus Christ (the Lion of the tribe of Juda). Jesus defeated Satan and conquered sin in His human nature, and today He has given us the power to overcome.

Let us pay the price of suffering because it is for a season. When we pass through the pain, God will clothe us with the garment of holiness. Hallelujah!

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