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Isaiah 55:8 For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD.
Isaiah 55:9 For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.

Most people limit God in their experience and knowledge. We cannot limit God by our little knowledge and experience we have in Him because His ways and thoughts are far above ours. This does not mean that we should disregard people’s experience. We must not allow their experience to downgrade the Word of God because the Word is an unshakeable rock.

Building a house without a proper foundation puts the house in great danger because the wind and storms can destroy the house. If you build the house with great materials, the storms and the winds can never destroy the house. The Word must be our foundation because it is unbreakable. The moment a person predicts the future of someone without the influence of the Holy Spirit, the person has entered the realms of pride and deception.

God is not like a bottle of water. We cannot quantify God in a vacuum. We cannot define the ways and the plans of God for our lives because His wisdom is mysterious. We can only get a hint of God's plan for our life in the Word and His plans for our life is to bring us to a glorious end (See Jeremiah 29:11). The moment we define God by what we have experience in life, we limit God. This is one of the reasons people criticize, oppose, suspect, gossip, destroy and discredit called and anointed ministers of God.
  • How can God become and man and live among His creation? (See John 1:1-14).
  • How can God allow sinful men to spit on Him and hale insults at Him? (See Matthew 26:59-68).
  • How can God allow sinful men to crucify Him on the cross? (See Luke 23:1-56).
  • How can God allow mortal men to work injustice against Him? (See Matthew 26:59-68).
  • How can God live in the womb of a woman? (See Luke 1:26-31).
  • How can God allow His creation to nurture Him when He became a man? (See Luke 23:1-56).
  • How can God allow His creation to judge Him? (See Luke 23:1-56).
  • Why didn’t God put on the nature of a woman but took on the nature of man? (Read your Bible).

How do you feel when someone insults you? Sometimes you retaliate when enemies criticize and oppose your plans. Even among your children, you punish them for a little mistake they make. If God allowed sinful men and women to mishandle Him and treat Him like a slave, then we must understand that the ways of God are unsearchable. God could command a legion of angels to destroy His enemies (See Matthew 26:53-54) but He never did. You cannot define the ways of God by your limited wisdom and experience.

You are not qualified to judge another man’s servant because you don’t know God’s plan for his life. The fact that God used “Minster A” uniquely does not mean that God will use “Minster B” uniquely. The best you can do is to pray for the person and offer a helping hand. You are at liberty to counsel him, not to always strictly instruct him to follow your path. Sometimes you must allow people to exercise their liberty because they are not robots.

God created rational and emotional beings and He has given us our free will. The angels and the saints in heaven have their free will, so why are you restricting others not to exercise their gifts and potentials. Get me right, I am not saying you should allow people to perish in their wicked acts. We must correct people in the right way when they choose the wrong path. What I am concerned is, when you use your power to stop people from advancing.

You don’t own the person because you did not create him and you cannot create a human being. You cannot give life to the person. Even your children are not your own because they are a gift from God. The only person who gives life and owns our life is God Almighty. God may curse and kill you if you violate His Word because He created you. You did not create yourself neither did you create the person you are nurturing. 

You don’t have the right to be jealous of others because you don’t know how they got those treasures. You own nothing because you will depart this world empty. You came to this earth with an empty hand. I have never seen a corpse buried with his wealth. God gave those blessings to you because He trusted you.

You cannot enjoy what you have attained in life, if God does not give you life and strength. What do you own? You own nothing and you don’t own anyone. God only allowed you to shepherd the church and you will be accountable to God for your corruption and the mistreatment you gave them.  Whatever God has given you must be managed and treasured with care because God has plenty of people who are more qualified than you. A great number of people can do the job better than you, but God chose you for a reason (Grace). God chose you because He saw some virtue in you. He chose you because He gave you the grace to pay the price (fasting and prayers).

Counsel and pray for those God has given you and leave the rest to God. Let the person decide for himself because God called the person. You did not call Him. God only used you as an instrument to nurture the person. God allowed you to help the person get to his final destination because He trusted you. The person you are nurturing is not your property but God’s property.

Do your part and leave the rest to God. Every man will stand before God and give an account. God knows that you have done your part. Leave the rest to the Holy Spirit because you are not his personal Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit knows how to straighten the person you are nurturing. If you cannot help the person, don’t destroy the person. God has His way of nurturing His children. Don’t take the role of the Holy Spirit. Let the Holy Spirit have His way. Wherever the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty (See 2 Corinthians 3:17).

Don’t push your legalistic robes on the congregation whiles you enjoy your liberty. Treat people with respect because they are human beings, not animals. Some animals respond to the treatment you give them, how much more human beings. If you treat people with disrespect, the same measure will be measured back to you. God is not a man that you can joke with, therefore, seek the face of God and feed on His Word (See Galatians 6:7).

Divine Key: The ways of God are unsearchable and mysterious.

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