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Job 38:33 Knowest thou the ordinances of heaven? canst thou set the dominion thereof in the earth?

We learned in episode one that it takes the Word, faith, love, and prayer to connect with God. I will share with you how the creation of God, animals, trees, and the other creation teaches us about the laws of God. There are natural laws we cannot break. For example, jumping from a nine-story building without a parachute will lead to death. You will drown when you walk on the sea according to natural laws. Below are some natural laws.

1. Every tree bears fruit at a particular season. Seas dry up and die, trees dry up and die at a particular season.

Understand that there are seasons in life. What you can do in your youthful age cannot be done at your old age. God prepares a season for you to operate. Failure to utilize your youthful age limits you in your old age.  A man born of a woman is of a few days. We shall die one day. We can never live forever in this corrupted flesh. If the sea can dry up and die, understand that a time will come when you will die.

This is one of the curses we received when we (Adam and Eve) obeyed Satan. Sin produces spiritual, metaphysical, and physical death. Spiritual death disconnects our spirit from God. Metaphysical death disconnects our soul from God. When you die in the soulish realm, your sympathy for humankind and animals die. You never feel sorry for evil deeds. You show no compassion to the weak and poor. Physical death is when your soul and spirit permanently depart from the body. If trees and animals can die, then we will die one day. Use your mind, energy, and resources to do great things for God because our days are limited.

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2. There is nowhere you will see a male cat mating another male cat. I have never seen a male dog mating a male dog. A male cat mates a female cat. A male dog mates a female dog.
God did not create another male for Adam. He created a female (Eve) for Adam. God did not create two females for Adam. He created one female for Adam. If God did not create a male for Adam, who are we to connect two men in marriage. Anyone who admits gay and lesbian marriages becomes an enemy to God. A man needs a woman, and a woman needs a man. A woman cannot marry another woman and man cannot marry another man.

If a male cat will not mate with a male cat, why do you sleep with your fellow man or woman? God is using animals to teach us. God said in the book of Genesis 2:24, “A man shall leave his parents and connect with his wife” God never said a man shall live his parents and connect with a husband. God did not permit Adam to sleep with animals. He knew the animals were not fit for Adam, that is why He formed Eve.

Eve came from Adam. Eve came not from a strange material. God used the substance of man to create a woman. When Adam saw Eve, He said “this is bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh” Any man or woman who sleeps (sexual intercourse or any ungodly act) with animals challenges the wisdom of God. Challenging the wisdom of God makes you an enemy to the host of Heaven.


3. Destroying the leaves of the tree cannot kill the tree. It is only when you destroy the root of the tree that kills the tree.
If you want to solve a problem, look for the root cause. For example, most marital problems according to the research I have made and the responses I have derived from the married and divorced couple, most of the problems are weak finances, bad communication, sexual issues, and family interruption. The root cause of the problem will help you find the recommended solution.
You cannot destroy a tree by cutting the leaves.

You destroy a tree by destroying the root because the root is the one supplying life to the tree. So, to solve an issue, search out for the root cause. The root cause will help you give the best solution to the problem.  If the problem is spiritual, solve it using a spiritual approach. If the problem demands wisdom, rationalize with wise people. Every problem has a cause, and if there is a cause, there is a solution. If you are not making progress in life, ask yourself why. Questioning yourself will help you find out why things are not working. Follow this path and you will succeed in life.

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4. Why do you become angry when you face and see injustice?

  • If God destroyed the entire world with a flood in the time of Noah because of their wicked deeds and God created you in His image and likeness, you will also seek justice.
  • If God destroyed the people and the city of Sodom and Gomorrah with fire, then you will also seek justice because He created you in His image and likeness.
  • If God drove Satan and His minions from Heaven because of their rebellion, then you will also seek justice because He created you in His image and likeness.
There is an inner virtue in you that desires justice because God is just. If you become angry for the right reason and act in the right manner, you have not sinned because Jesus Christ used His anger to drive away people who turned the house of God into an open market. Jesus Christ released a wave of holy anger to sinners. Don’t allow the devil to influence your anger. Anger is an energy you can use to do great things for God.

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5. Why do you become happy when someone expresses love to you?
Because love is a seed of the Spirit that empowers the soul to have a sense of purpose and wealth. Love makes us divine. When some express divine love towards you, you activate the hands of God to operate in that arena. Love ceases the operation of the enemy and empowers the host of heaven to take charge. Wherever there is love, there is unity and wherever there is unity, there is growth and wherever there is growth, there is peace, and wherever there is peace, righteousness prevails and wherever righteousness prevails, the Spirit of God rules.

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6. Why do you desire to fellowship with other people?
Because God created us to connect with one another. Anyone who constantly separates himself from others becomes depressed and hopeless. The Heavenly Father has been living with Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit before the beginning began. God created humankind because He wanted to fellowship with Himself in another vessel. If God desires to fellowship with us, then there is no sin for a living soul to desire another being. We need love in our lives because without love, development cannot prevail. You will need someone in life. The fact that you are human means you need another human to help you advance in life.

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7. Why are most women emotional and insecure?
Because women are weaker vessels. God used the rib of Adam to form the woman because God wanted Adam to protect the woman. God knows that the woman cannot live without the man. Every woman needs a man as a covering. The devil tempted Eve when Adam was not around. It is the responsibility of men to protect women because they are weak physically. Women need protection from men. They need men who can provide and meet their needs.

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8. Why are most men rational and authoritative?
There is no way you will see two drivers controlling the steering of a car. God created men as authority figures. God formed the woman to assist the man. The woman is in to complete with the man not to compete with the man. Men lead the way, men create the vision, men create a path for the family, organization, and country to follow. God designed men to be authoritative because the stronger one’s lead. A weak man cannot lead a team (family, organization, and ministry). God designed men to be rational beings because He wants us to take the lead whiles others follow. Breaking this law brings confusion and conflict within the team.

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9. Why is there wickedness in the animal kingdom?
When I watch wildlife, I feel some animals are wicked. How can a lion eat an antelope alive? Crocodiles eat lions alive. Snakes swallow birds alive. When I contemplate these things, I find out they are teaching us some lessons. If animals can kill other animals, a human being can also kill another human being. We must be careful with the friends we choose because animals teach us, they can killTherefore, humankind can also kill and destroy. Animals live according to their kind. There is nowhere you see lions moving with elephants and tigers will never move with horses. Move with people who enjoy your company. Live with people who can relate with you, not with people who reject you. Follow this wisdom key, and you will succeed.

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10. Why do some animals live with humankind?
Domestic animals like cats, dogs, goats, and hens live with mankind, whiles other animals separate from us. From my understanding, I believe these domestic animals are teaching us about trust. It will be very difficult for you to progress in life if you don’t build some trust in humankind. Suspicion always limit your progress. 

We encounter imperfect people in our lives. Some may abandon us at the time we need them most. Others will be with us in hardship. Build some trust in men because they are the ones you are working with. One key to helping you trust humankind is to use the gift of discernment and the peace of God in your heart. If you feel peace in your heart with someone, build some trust in the person. Don’t put all your trust in the person because the person has limitations. When you develop some trust in the person, the person will also build some trust in you. Follow this path and you will succeed.

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11. Why do some animals distance themselves from humankind?
Wild animals like lions, deer, tigers, snakes cannot live with humankind. Why do some animals live with us and others distance themselves from us? Understand in life; it is not everybody you can walk with. Some people eat domestic animals because they are closer to them. Getting too close makes you vulnerable. There are times you have to create some limitations with people because your closeness can make them harm you. You can never harm a lion because it is far from you.

The ones who can harm you are neighbours. Jesus Christ said a man foe shall be his household (See Matthew 10:36). There are people you can allow them to come close to you; these are your cats and dogs. There are some people you must distance yourself a littleThese are the unfriendly domestic animals. There are some people you must distance yourself from; these are the lions and the crocodiles. There are some people you can get close to; These are the domestic animals. Follow this path and you will succeed in life.

12. Why does a child cry when he is born?
Almost every child born of a woman comes with sadness. The question we must ask ourselves is,
  • Why does the child cry?
  • Has the child seen something we cannot see?
  • Is the child unhappy?
  • Is something wrong with the child?
Nobody will cry unless there is a problem. It is only unsound people who behave abnormally. I believe the child cries because He has entered an imperfect world full of corruption and wickedness. The crying of the child signifies hard labour and injustice. The child cries because He has entered a world of struggles. If a newborn baby is giving us this wisdom, then we must be wise and intelligent. We must work our way out.

We must surge and push forward because we have entered a world where the strong, the wise, and the wicked lives. Jealousy infiltrating the entire world. Confusion, deception, and controlling figures who desire to take what does not belong to them. If you don’t study and improve your mind, the world will leave you behind, if you don’t have Jesus Christ, enemies will end your life, if you are not strong, people will abuse you.

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13. Why does a dead body remain quiet?
I have never seen a corpse making a movement whiles in the casket. The corpse is always silent because he is useless. The corpse is teaching us some lessons and I want to share these lessons with you. If you remain silent in the living's land, you enter the realm of death. Anybody can hurt and cheat you if you are quiet. The corpse is defenseless because it is silent, so are you when you remain silent in this life. 

Anyone can abuse you when you don’t speak up. Anyone can take advantage of you when you are silent. You must speak out because people will decide for you when you are silent. We can burn a corpse, bury it in the earth, or keep in the mortuary. The corpse will never complain about his state because it cannot speak. That is how you become when you don’t speak for your rights. People can do whatever they feel like doing to you if you don’t speak out. Speak at the appropriate time and you will succeed in life. Remain silent and the people will treat you like the corpse.

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14. Why does God keep silent when we want to experience Him?
  • God gave us the virtue of faith because we need faith to walk with Him.
  • God gave us our free will because He cannot interfere in our affairs without our permission.
  • God created us in His image and likeness because He wants us to exercise wisdom.
  • Because sin separates us from Him.
  • Because our corrupted flesh cannot handle His holiness.
  • Because our wisdom cannot contain His presence.
  • Because He connects with us through our spirit.
  • Because we have not developed the capacity to see Him.
  • Because forces of darkness limits us from experiencing Him.
These are few questions that linger in our hearts? God in His wisdom made all things perfect, but another force who existed with God interfered with the plans of God. Find out in episode three what the Lord wants to teach us?

Divine Key: The Word contains perfect wisdom.

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