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Image result for fashion of the world. seductive fashion that lure men into fornication, adultery, lesbianism, and prostitution. How satanic spirit employ the spirit of lust

1 Timothy 2:9 In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array;

The rate at which sin is increasing is unbelievable. Most men and women are entangled in the prison of fornication because of lust. Nothing in this world can happen without a cause. Whatever has a beginning has an end. We can only solve a problem if we find the root cause. Until we find the root cause, we cannot give the best solution.

Most modern preachers are silent about the fashion of the church members to the extent that the devil has gotten access into the churches. Ministers of God fornicating with church members. Husbands and wives committing adultery. The devil has chained young men and women in the pool of sexual immorality all because of fashion. Understand that the Word of God will never pass away.

Sometimes I hear people say the Word is not relevant in our time. This is a deception of the enemy because the Word of God is the most relevant information available to mankind. No man can update or downgrade the Word. The Word (Holy Bible) is the standard book for every human being.

A doctor is identified by his or her attire. A lawyer is defined by his or her attire. An ordained pastor is recognized by his attire because it is their code of ethics. Every organization has rules and regulations they follow. Failure to follow the laid down rules singles you out as an odd person. Sometimes the rules and regulations of men should be modified because there are limitations. Humans are prone to make errors, but the Word can never make an error. God can never make an error in His judgment because He is Perfect in all His ways.

The Word of God states that women should cover their nakedness in modesty. What do we see in our churches today? Most women dress to entice men. This is a weapon of the enemy because any woman who dresses to seduce a man becomes a devil in the sight of God. God will never tempt us with evil so any woman who dresses to lure men in into sexual sin is a daughter of Jezebel. 

You cannot call yourself a Christian and dress like a harlot because harlots are known by their way of dressing. People who go to the nightclub have their way of dressing because they are controlled by the god of this world (Satan). Some people wear the cloth they take to night clubs into the churches.

Some women wear cloth of harlots into the churches, and they don’t even feel ashamed. I believe it is the fault of the pastors in the church because whatever you permit; it becomes a law. If you allow women to dress like harlots in the church, you exalt the spirit of lust to take dominion over the congregation. Leniency with unrepentant and wicked sinners corrupts the spirit of the church and the preaching of the pastors. Ask yourself why Jesus Christ was strict to the Pharisees. The first message Jesus Christ preached was repentance (See Matthew 4:17).

God created the woman to desire the man and man to desire the woman, so when the man sees some parts of the women naked, it creates lust in the man's heart. This is how David committed adultery with Uriah’s wife, Bathsheba. When David saw the nakedness of Bathsheba, lust developed in the heart of David (See 2 Samuel 11:2).

It is time, leaders of the church preach against seductive dresses because it's opening a channel for the spirit of lust to dominate the church. Every human has a feeling, we are not angels. Even some angels fell when they saw the beauty of the women in times of Noah. How much more a mortal man. Samson, with all his anointing, could not control his feelings. Solomon, with all his wisdom, could not control his feelings. David, with all his anointing could not control his feelings. We thank God Joseph could resist sexual sin.

You see a singer in the church dressed like a harlot leading the congregation in worship and praises. Most often the men will be lusting after the singer because their concentration is on her seductive dress not on the worship. Any clothing that exposes the breast and thighs of women is seductive. Women should learn how to dress decently because God chose a virgin (Mary). The devil is using the dressing of women to destroy the growth and the power of the church. It is time; we rise as one people and break the secret weapon of the enemy.

Most Christians are abusing grace. They will tell you we under grace, so it doesn’t matter whether you dress in modesty. They will say to you God looks at the heart, not the body. Some women will tell you I want a husband, that’s why I’m dressing this way. If I don’t dress hastily, I will not get a husband. This is a deception of the enemy because God will not allow a Christian to cause other Christians to fall into sin. A true Christian will never marry a woman who dresses seductively. Dressing seductively will open the door for men to fornicate with you. Don’t follow the pattern of the world because we are travelers.

Let the Word guide you because the Word is unbreakable. Dress decently, dress like a virtuous woman. Ask the Holy Spirit to refine your heart. Feed on the Word to help build in the inner beauty because if you dress to seduce men, God will not spare you.

Divine Key: Build your inner beauty with the Word and with Worship.

Further Bible Studies: Titus 2:3-5, Isaiah 3:16-24, 1 Peter 3:1-6

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