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2 Corinthians 5:11 Knowing therefore the TERROR OF THE LORD, WE PERSUADE MEN; but we are made manifest unto God; and I trust also are made manifest in your consciences.

I believe every Christian should study the attributes and the personalities of God to enable him to know more about the God we serve. The God in the old testament (old covenant) is the same God in the new testament (new covenant) because His name is “I AM.” The grace of God has been abused by most Christians and most ministers of God because they have not encountered and studied the personalities of God.

God is a loving and a wonderful caring Father, but there is another nature of Him (See Deuteronomy 7:21, 10:17, Psalm 68:35), which makes Him terrible and dangerous. The danger of assuming God to be love and forgetting His justice places you in the realm of deception. Every coin has two sides because it serves as identification. When God appeared to Moses on Mount Sinai, Moses inquired of His name because the Israelites would never believe in foreign god. The Israelites had a covenant with God because of Abraham’s obedience.

The name God gave to Moses was “I AM THAT I AM” (See Exodus 3:14). When Jesus walked the earth, the Pharisees, and some unbelievers tried to question His authority because His word actions created a thought in their mind He was God. Jesus replied to them “Before Abraham I AM” (See John 5:58). God is love because love emanates from Him. He is the source of love to all creation, including Satan and his minions. If God ceases to exist, everything will die because He is the source of life. Satan is living under the permission of God. Satan was called Lucifer in the beginning (See Isaiah 14:12).

The name Lucifer means the bright star. Satan was not corrupt when God created him. God changed his name (Lucifer) to Satan because He found iniquity in him. Satan means archenemy of God. Satan opposes everything that exalts God.
Because Satan and his minions oppose God and His creation, they would wipe him out from the earth one day. Apostle Paul writes to all Christians that a day is coming when we shall see the terror of God. the question is, what is the terror of God, this should alert you that God is a Judge.

  • The terror of God is a day of accountability.
  • The terror of God is when we will see His lion nature.
  • The terror of God is the day Jesus Christ will sit on His judgement throne.
  • The terror of God is the day when the doors of grace and mercy will be closed.
  • The terror of God is the day when the unbelievers will face His wrath.
  • The terror of God is the day when lukewarm Christians will be exposed.
  • The terror of God is the day when false Christians will be exposed and condemned.
  • The terror of God is the day when we will see the justice of God.
  • The terror of God is when the secrets of men shall be revealed.
  • The terror of God is the day when demons will be exposed.
  • The terror of God is the day when His holiness will destroy all the works of the wicked.
  • The terror of God is when the power and authority of God will manifest to all generations.
  • The terror of God is when the works of men shall pass through the unquenchable fire.

Apostle Paul further states that because of the terror of God, he persuades men. Have you ever seen a seller advertising his products? They use persuasive strategies to trap the minds of the buyers. They apply all their strategies in their marketing system to get more customers. This is what Paul is saying, because of God's justice, he convinces, persuades, converts, challenges and forcefully preach with all his strength so that men can escape the terror of God.

Divine Key: See God as a Lion and a Lamb.

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