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Wisdom Key
Proverbs 1:7 The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.

Wisdom is a necessity in this world because without wisdom a man deviates in his divine purpose. The word of God emphatically states that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. Wisdom is the principal thing. Wisdom is greater than money because without wisdom the money will be misused. If you have wisdom, you can draw people to yourself.

The reverence of the Lord brings blessings into our lives. There are three kinds of fear. We have the fear of God. The fear of the devil and the fear of man. The fear of the devil brings torment and destruction.  The fear of man brings us into bondage. If you fear the Lord, you will leave from iniquity. If you fear the Lord, you hate sin with a passion. If you fear the Lord, you will not disrespect others. If you fear the Lord, you will submit to His authority. Wisdom means you apply the positive knowledge you have gained.

God reveals his secrets to those who fear Him. The Lord always encamps His angels around those who fear Him. The fear of the Lord makes your soul noble. A man who fears the Lord reverence the word of God. A man who fears the Lord respect Servants of God. A man who fears the Lord honours His servants.

Knowledge gives you power over the ignorant. The more you study, the higher your spiritual senses. God cannot deal with the ignorant because He rejects the ignorant.  If you lack the word of God in your spirit and in your soul, you make Satan the controller over your life. Study the word of God and you will be full of knowledge. If you apply the knowledge you gained in the word, then you have activated the Spirit of wisdom.
Don’t despise others. Learn from the mistakes and the success of others. Seek counsel from the wise and the godly. It is only fools who reject wisdom.

 It is only fools who despise instructions and rebuke. It is the fool who despises criticism. The wise man always receives instructions and embrace wise counsels. The wise man will learn by hearing and studying. The mind is a great asset because it was created mainly for creativity. The wise man will never stop learning because he believes he does not know everything. 
    The wise man plans for the future and depends on the Lord for direction. The wise man works hard with what he has gained. The wise do not sit amid the wicked. He makes his abode amid other wise men because He knows that the blind man cannot lead. The greatest man in the world is the one who respects and reverence the word of God with all his heart.


(Meditate on these scriptures Psalm 1:1-3, Job 28:28, Ecclesiastes 12:13, Romans 1:21-32).

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