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The spirit of man plays a vital role in the race of man. Get the deeper teachings about the spirit of man and role they play in our daily lives.
Genesis 2:7 And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

One of the basic teachings every Christian must recognize and understand is the teaching of the human spirit, human soul, and the human body because ignorance of these teachings will allow the devil and false teachers to deceive. In these teachings, I will explain what the human soul is, the purpose and the role it plays in our daily lives and Christian life. Get my book entitled “How to Walk and Live in the Spirit. for deeper revelations and teachings on these subjects.

Foremost, the real you is the spirit living in you because God is a Spirit (See John 4:24). You have a soul and the soul lives in the body. From the word of God, we understand that, when God breathed into the lifeless body of the man, the soul resurrected and became active. The soul of man was trapped in the realm of death without the spirit of man. When the Holy Spirit created the spirit of man as He breathed into the lifeless body of the man, the soul resurrected from the realm of the dead. For example, a car without fuel or gas will not start. As soon as the car receives petrol, the car will respond.

When the Holy Spirit entered the lifeless body of the man, He created the spirit of man (Meditate on Zechariah 12:1). When the spirit of man was created, the eternal life within the Holy Spirit through the human spirit supplied life to the lifeless soul of man. The soul of man, made man different from the other creatures. The soul of man, made man responsible for the decisions he made because he became like God on the grounds of free will. The soul of man was innocent because he did not know what evil meant. Adam and Eve knew of the Holy Spirit. Their thoughts were always in agreement with the thoughts of God until the devil deceived them. When Satan deceived Adam and Eve, their soul became corrupted. The personality of Satan dominated their soul making them independent on the Holy Spirit.

The soul of man disconnected itself from the spirit of man. The disconnection between the soul and the spirit of man created a barrier between our spirit and the Holy Spirit. This made the soul rely on the body for direction. The lust of the flesh reigned in the thoughts of man because of their willful disobedience. As their flesh dominated the soul, it created the law of sin within the soul and flesh of man. So men became wicked in the time Noah because the bridge between the Holy Spirit and the human soul was destroyed by sin. The spirit of man could not influence the soul anymore making the man corrupt and wicked.

The wickedness of the soul (envy, pride, lust, greed, oppression, depression, unforgiveness, injustice, murder, lawlessness) gave Satan and his minions the legal right to dominate and manipulate a man. This is one reason Cain killed Abel. His corrupted soul gave room for evil spirits to enter Cain to murder his brother Abel. A man who is not born again cannot be trusted in all his ways because his soul is wicked and corrupted. So we see and hear of murder cases, war and disaster and different evil. The root cause is from their corrupted soul and the influence of evil spirits. Meditate on this scripture “Matthew 15:19 For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies:

Our soul comprises our rationalism, our intellectual capacities, our will, our emotions, our reactions and desires. A soul dominated by the Holy Spirit through the human spirit is sanctified and trustworthy.

1.     Our soul helps us to understand the Holy Spirit better than the other creation.
2.     Our soul enables us to connect to the other creatures such as the animals.
3.     Our soul helps us to understand the emotions of others better.
4.     Our soul makes us conscious of wrongdoings if the Holy Spirit influences it. When Adam and Eve heard the footsteps of God, they hid from the presence of God because their soul alerted them of their wickedness (See Genesis 3:8).
5.     Our soul makes us conscious of our environment.
6.     Our soul helps us to rightfully think if the Holy Spirit influences it.
7.     Our soul makes us liable for the decisions we make in life.
8.     Our soul makes us understand the creation of God better than the other creation.
9.     Our soul makes us understand the suffering and the justice of God.
10. Our soul makes us understand the nature and the attributes of God better than the other creation.
11. Our soul makes us understand that we can change. Even animals change.
12. Our soul helps us to learn from the creation of God making us wiser.
13. Our soul helps us understand and study the word of God better if  connected to the Holy Spirit.


(Further Bible Studies: 1 Thessalonians 5:23, Hebrews 4:12-13, Psalm 119:28)

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