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1 Samuel 16:23 And it came to pass, when the evil spirit from God was upon Saul, that David took an harp, and played with his hand: so Saul was refreshed, and was well, and the evil spirit departed from him.

The true nature of God is love, faith, and holiness, and within these virtues lies the power of words. Words carry power and authority. A man can be elevated by the Word of his neighbour or enemy. 

A man can be destroyed by the Word of his neighbour or enemy. Words are creative forces in the realms of the spirit because God created the world with the Word. The creative force within the Word became physical when God spoke.

If you study the book of Genesis chapter one, you get to understand that whatever God created came out from His tongue except for the creation of man. God created us in His image and likeness; therefore, this creative power lies within our tongues and heart.

The devil will continue to manipulate us until we realise this secret weapon. Music is full of words. Whatever comes out of music contains words which connect the mind, the soul, and the spirit of man to the spiritual realm. Holy angels can connect with people through music.

Demonic spirit can also connect with people through music because music reigns in the metaphysical realm. Anointed and spirit-filled music makes a man's soul joyful and peaceful in the realms of the third heavens.

Angels move into action when a person sings from the heart. When Paul and Silas sang from their heart in the prison, the Lord responded because the Lord inhabits in the praises of his people.

Demonic spirits also reign during seductive and lustful music because their words glorify the devil. People who visit nightclubs mostly fornicate because the demons of lust control such places.

The music they play in such places opposes the spirit of God, giving the devil and his cohort the legal right to dominate the place. When you attend church services, worship and praises are played and sung by gospel musicians.

God's Spirit reigns in such places because the music's words glorify the Trinity. One thing about music is that it connects our spirit and soul quickly to the Holy Spirit if you connect with the words within with all your heart.

Worship is a defensive weapon in the realms of the spirit. Praise is an offensive weapon in the realms of the spirit. When Jehoshaphat and his people were about to enter a war with the Moabites and the Ammonites, the Lord commanded Jehoshaphat and the people of Judah to praise God.

Jehoshaphat commanded his singers to glorify the Lord as they marched to the war front on the day of battle. This is What I call absolute faith because their enemies were carrying weapons, and they were to glorify God in the process of the battle.

As they praised the Lord from their heart. The Lord set ambushed into the midst of their enemies. When you praise God from your heart, you activate the archangels of God to fight the battle for you.

When you worship God from your heart, you activate the angels of defence to work miraculously in your life. Music is a powerful weapon in the realms of the spirit. It changes the heart and the mind of people if the words are backed up by the Holy Spirit and the angels of God.

Music can also be demonic and lustful if the words within the music glorify the devil and his agents. From the scriptures, we understand that the evil spirit tormenting King Saul left when David played his guitar. So demonic spirit fears spirit-filled music.

Evil spirits cannot live in an anointed atmosphere where the Holy Spirit abides. The evil spirit came not from the Lord, but it was King Saul who opened himself up for the evil spirit to torment him.

When King Saul rebelled against God, the Spirit of God left him. When the Spirit of the Lord left him, the devil had the legal right from the Lord to torment King Saul. God only allowed the evil spirit to torment King Saul because Saul willfully opened the portal for the devil through his wickedness.

Why did the evil spirit leave when David played his harp? The waves from the guitar and the words from the heart of David attacked the evil spirits. If you often find yourself distressed and depressed, it can be a manipulation of an evil spirit.

Other times, rest to regain and regenerate the lost energy. In most cases, deep depression is connected to evil spirits. You need to praise God because praises can charge your atmosphere and spirit quickly.

Worship and praise from your heart because it allows your spirit to access the throne room of God. Worship is a powerful antidote to the soul because it can sanctify it. Worship and praises from the heart activate the anointing of favour and mercy.

Worship and praise from the heart silence the voice of the enemy. Worship and praises from the heart connect your spirit to the Holy Spirit quickly and faster. Worship and praises from the heart open and activate the spiritual senses quickly, automatically opening the door of divine revelation into the spirit of man.

Worship and praises from the heart make you humbler in the sight of God. Worship and praises from the heart open the door of grace. Worship and praises from the heart bring the Holy Spirit into your jurisdiction. Worship and praises from the heart open the door of glory and prosperity into your life.

Worship and Praises from the heart activate the prophetic gift and anointing quickly and faster. If you study the lives of the Prophets and the seers under the old covenant, most of them were worshippers.

If you want the Holy Spirit and the angels of music to minister an anointed song into your heart, worship and praise God at midnight, especially from 3:00 am-7:00 am. You will always receive a special song from the Lord if you do it from your heart. I am not giving you theories. I am sharing my personal experience with you, which is biblically proven.


(Further Bible Studies: Psalm 100:4, Acts 16:25-31,2 Chronicles 20:1-25)


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