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1 Peter 2:2 As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby:

Food and water is a necessity for the body. Without food and water, the body will die out of hunger. This is how God made mankind. Mankind is composed of three entities. A man has a spirit, he has a soul, and the soul lives in the body. This makes us distinctively different from the other creatures.

With our soul, we connect to the metaphysical realm. The metaphysical realm connects the physical world to the spiritual. It is a realm of the psychics. The metaphysical realm is where most satanic agents take their information. With our spirit, we connect to the spiritual realm(unseen world). The spiritual realm is a world for the spirit, where spiritual forces lives. With our body, we connect to the physical world.

In the animal kingdom, they grow by feeding on their prescribed meal. Some animals feed on plants. Others feed on their fellow animals to enable them to grow. The plants need sunlight, water, and fertile soil to germinate. In fact, whatever God created grows.

The word of God says when someone repents and accept Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour, the person becomes a baby in the realms of the spirit. We know babies to depend on their parents and guardians for their basic needs. We must feed the Baby. Babies need love. The Baby needs the breast milk of the mother to grow. The baby needs security because she cannot defend herself. The baby has to be trained and directed in her vicissitudes of life.

If the baby does not get the proper feeding, security, love, and the basic needs in his early life, it may deform the baby. She may die out of hunger. This baby is like the new convert described in the Word. The convert is a newly born baby in the realms of the spirit. Physically the person might be fifty years old but in the realms of the spirit, she is still a baby. Physical age does not matter in the realms of the spirit.

If you repent and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and the Saviour of your life, you are still a baby in the realms of the spirit. Someone who accepted Jesus Christ at ten years is older than the newly converted thirty years man if the ten-year boy walked in the path of light from the day he became born again.

To grow speedily in the spiritual realm, there are some fundamental keys you must employ. We find the key in the word of God. You must desire and intensely crave the Word. If you want to grow quickly in the realms of the spirit, you must desire the pure Word. Some people who love watching movies. 

Some people who love sports, some people who love games, some people love parties and ceremonies. Peter the Apostle is saying that if you want to grow swiftly as a newly converted Christian, you must desire, demand, crave, long after, passionately search out for the unadulterated word of God.

The Word may come through the preaching of anointed men and women of God. The Word may come through biblical and anointed music. The Word may come through Christian based movies. You can also search out the Word for yourself as you engage in your quiet time. Without the Word, your spirit cannot grow because the food for your spirit is the Word. The soul needs the Word for transformation. Our spirit does not grow old as the body grows because we renew our spirit daily by the Holy Spirit. (See Psalm 51:10, Ephesians 4:23).  

If you practically obey the Word of God, you will grow in quickly in the realms of the realm of the spirit. Memorize the Word into your heart and mind. Preach and teach the Word. Declare and decree the Word. Love and reverence the Word with all your heart because the Word is full of the Spirit. This is one of my greatest secrets I have observed in my spiritual life. If you practically desire the true Word, you will grow quickly in the realms of the spirit.


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